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Combat Prototype released on Steam!

We just launched the Foxhole combat prototype on Steam! You can download it here.

This launch also includes the update. Here are the release notes:

New Content

  • Redesigned some areas of the combat prototype map

  • New Structure: Metal Wall

Gameplay Changes

  • New feature: XP system (details)

  • New feature: Commendation system (details)

  • SMG shots can damage further targets, but are less accurate

  • Grenade trajectory is more steady and does not jump between high and low arcs

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that causes characters to skip after a game has been in progress for a long time

  • Fixed bug that causes Mortar to stop working if reloaded immediately after firing

  • Fixed bug that made vaulting difficult in some cases

  • Fixed bug that causes 2 cursors to appear on the screen at once

  • Fixed bug that sometimes causes players to be instantly killed when walking over corpses

Other Changes

  • Player profile screen (F1 to access)

  • Steam integration

  • Vote kick & ban players

  • Network optimizations

  • Chat window now shows messages from the server


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