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Art Contest Winners!

Here we have it! After a long wait and thorough deliberation, we were able to agree on our top winners for the very First Foxhole Fan Art Contest. We have to thank very single person that submitted any piece of art or short story. We really appreciate the commitment and love that poured from every submission. Just to recap. We have three winners in the Visual Art category, three winners in the Written category and one Overall Winner that gets a chance to work with us in creating a small piece of lore to live in the game in perpetuity. So without further adieu, let's get to the winners! Click the links to expand the image or story. Contact the artist if you want to use the image as a wallpaper.


3rd place Art - "Wardens in the Sky" By: Vivdly

Writing - "A Warden Victory: by Ageha


2nd place

Art - "Last Warden Standing" By: João Henrique Lemos

Writing - "Hatch: by Callum Walker


1st place Art - "Charge" By: Tony Cezar

Writing - "The Fire Remembered" By: Merijn Bernat


Overall winner

Writing - "Pickers" By Patchouli


But of course that is not all. We had many submissions and we would like to showcase just a few of them that grabbed the eye of one of us, one way of another. Lets's check them out!


Heritage by Sofa#8366

RabbitSeason By SamuelWhite

TheStandoff By TurtleAndRabbit

Foxhole By Patchouli#5580

I didn't want this By Nikita Bulashev Submission By Milkydromeda WardenTanker By Twildion

Home & Hole by Ki Mckenzie

Wandrey by Rick Alphenaar

Operation Silverclaw by Bubbadeej



Thank you so much for everyone that participated and congratulations to the winners! Since this one was such a success, you expect to see a 2nd Contest sometime in the future! Meanwhile, keep creating and we will keep showcasing it on our regular Community Highlights Cheers!


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