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Update 36 Release Notes

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Important Release Information

There are a few special issues to be aware of for this release.

  1. An experimental feature called Prototyping (that enables Relic Vehicles) will be a part of this update, but is currently only planned to be active for one war for now. It may be extended to more wars if necessary.

  2. If you experience issues with shadow rendering, you can resolve it by toggling your graphics quality preset to another level and then back. We are working on a longer term fix for this.

  3. Some changes were made to Relics/Prototyping between the Dev Branch and final release of Update 36. The Heavy Infantry Carrier can no longer be prototyped, but the Harvester can be. Relic Vehicles can now be repaired as well, but have less health than in their previous release. The "recipe" for Armoured Infantry Carrier has changed as well.

Hotfix Releases (Up to

Bug fixes

Certain Korean characters were still not rendering

Advanced Construction doesn't work on Foxholes

Being in a passenger seat causes the camera to lock

Character rotates slowly when being shot at

Map bug fixes

Deadlands: Foxholes can be built under certain docks

Deadlands: Border travelling from Callahan's Passage sometimes puts you on the wrong side of a fence

Drowned Vale: Hole in landscape

Godcrofts: Landscape dips down prior to reaching a bridge, causing certain vehicles to be unable to drive onto the Bridge

Farranac Coast: Bridge to Mara can't be crossed by certain vehicles

Heartlands: Safehouse in Blemish is too far from the Town Hall

Heartlands: Debris in the Crater Basin is floating above water

Hotfix Releases (Up to

Fixed issue that caused Wrenches to not work on Barges

Fixed issue that caused Steam VR to activate on startup

Fixed issue that caused items to be missing when unpackaging a vehicle

Fixed issue that can cause crash or other rendering issues when alt-tabbing while using exclusive fullscreen video mode

Initial Release

IMPORTANT: The following release notes are preliminary and in draft form. Some features/changes will change or be omitted before final release.

New Content ■ New World Vehicle: Bicycle

A pedal-based, two wheeled vehicle used to travel between towns quickly

■ New World Structure: Engineering Center ○ A facility for prototyping new types of equipment for use on the battlefield ■ New Item: Prototype Kit

Prototype parts to produce new types of equipment

■ New Item: Research

Field Research used to development new technologies

■ New Item: Relic Part, Relic Tech

Advanced parts salvaged from old war technology

Experimental Features



■ Prototyping

○ Research and Relic Parts/Tech are combined at the Engineering Center to produce Prototype Kits, that can be used to produce vehicles/weapons at Factories that might not be currently available through the Tech Tree

○ See in-game tooltip for details on how the prototyping process works

○ Current Prototypes include Relic Vehicles and Weapons that are part of the Tech Tree

Map Updates ■ Deadlands has been redesigned

Moved Callahan's gate to the northeast

Adjusted roads and river around The Spine

Moved Brine Glen East across the river

Removed Callahan's Belt Relic Base and Region Zone

Relocated The Salt March to the north

Blocked a border highway between Marban Hollow/Deadlands

■ Great March - Replaced Factory with Refinery

■ Reaching Trail - Replaced Factory with Refinery

Gameplay Changes/Game Balance

■ Diesel & Petrol can now be stored in Crates

■ Explosive, Heavy Explosive, and Refiner Material Crate sizes have been reduced so they can be stored as Crates more easily ■ Carbine Ammo is always unlocked

■ Tech Tree rate adjusted slightly to account for Prototypes

■ Players must be in the standing state to enter vehicles

■ Shovels can now go into Upgrade Mode

■ Frontier Base cost reduced from 150 to 50 Basic Materials

Other Changes

■ Unreal Engine 4.24 Upgrade

○ The internal engine has been upgraded, bringing several immediate benefits and potential further improvements in the future

○ Improved lighting/reflection visual effects ■ Optimized vehicles so camera no longer jitters as much when rotating

■ Optimized vehicles for reduced rubber banding on average

■ Character animation refresh ○ First Aid Kit and Trauma Kit activity ○ Bandages activity ○ Binocular activity ○ Motorcycle Sidecar aiming ■ Features to support the upcoming Foxhole Annual Festival

■ Loading screen is now shown on startup instead of a blank screen

■ A lot of backend changes to the way content is managed, which will help improve iteration times on new features and content in the future

■ When submitting a Crate to a Storage Depot, the view will automatically switch to the item or vehicle tab depending on which type of Crate was submitted

■ Uprisings have been removed from the game

○ In the future, wars that result in an unexpected end game state will be resolved with Victory Town reduction (which is the existing approach used)

■ Border lockdown resolution under high queue situations

○ When all regions are heavily queued during extreme high population/border lockdown situations, special Resistance Frontier Bases will be automatically spawned into the world to alleviate congestion

○ The chances of this happening will be shown in the State of the War tooltip

This is only expected to happen during big population spikes or other rare circumstances and won't affect regular day to day gameplay

Bug Fixes

■ Client sometimes crashes when streaming in a new level when border travelling

■ Loading Area Shipping Container count doesn't update when transferring items ■ Gunboats lose their ammo during server travel

■ Dropped Item Stashes near Gun Nests aren't easily accessible

■ Bunker Base Infrastructure connects through build sites

■ Tech Tree UI still references Tech Parts, which no longer exists in the game

■ Refinery tooltip still references old game mechanics

■ Diesel/Petrol stacks from an Oil Tanker are submitted as a single item to a stockpile

■ Vehicles don't always trigger AT Mines when they should

■ Cancelling on the connection dialog on the main menu doesn't properly terminate the connection request to the shard

■ Garrison Houses drop an inventory container on Destruction even though they have no items

■ !unstuck command isn't properly resetting for players in between wars

■ Long Range Artillery has overextended collisions

■ Oil Tanker (Warden) has extra duplicate lights while driving

■ Spectator cameras in the Home Region aren't set

■ Animations for Critically Wounded Soldiers is broken

■ Scrap Fields can sometimes spawn more than 30k resources

■ Incorrect HUD message is shown when trying to build a Garrisoned House that is too close

■ Map bugs

○ Storage Depots no longer clip the environment in certain locations at the start of a war

○ Callahan's Passage: Fixed collision blocking structures from being built

○ Endless Shore: Gunboat can't be driven under open Draw Bridges in Saltbrook

○ Tempest Island: Too easy to fall into water when driving down ramp in Iris Loading Dock

○ Godcrofts: Observation Tower is unreachable by Construction VEhicle

○ Mooring County: Trench Bridges slow vehicles down


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