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2019 Foxhole Art Contest Winners

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

I speak on behalf of the developers of Foxhole when I say that we are so incredibly lucky to have the community that we have. You all continuitally suprise and inspire us.

This year we we're thrilled to receive so many entries, but we had the unenviable task of selecting winners from the wide breadth of submissions.

Without further adieu I present to you the winners of the 2019 Foxhole Art contest....




Attribution name: Patchouli#5580

It's a story about people that tried to run away from the war and failed. Of changes that it brought to their home.

“What more can I say about this piece? Patchouli has proven that he possess a more intimate knowledge of Foxhole’s lore better than I do…I’m gonna be out of a job pretty soon”

- Adam

“Once again, Patchouli managed to take a small piece of Foxhole and reframe it in a way that fits right in with the world, while elevating the theme, packaging it all in neat a bow.”

- Matt


The Human Spirit

Attribution name: BloodySky

The human spirit, is to protect those who are weaker despite going against your own. Here a Warden is stopping fellow Wardens for executing the Colonial wounded medic.

“At first glance I thought it was a stock photo. It’s incredible to see Foxhole come to life like this. Not only is the execution stellar, but the vignette highlights the essentials of the contest. Simply put, seeing this cosplay adds humanity to these characters in a way that I didn’t think was possible.”

- Adam

“Look at that stitching! As someone who has broken two sewing machines making one costume, I perhaps appreciate the technical achievement of this as much as the overall presentation.”



A Soldier’s Legacy

Attribution name: [82DK] Razzoorr

Teddy is a warden soldier that believe his actions will secure a future for his family and people. He ends up sacrificing his life for this belief only to have his son relive the same horrors. This unyielding belief in both of them demonstrates the presence of hope in face of a war that feels never-ending which in turn proves they stand invincible in spirit.

“Seeing a ‘Machinima’ of Foxhole hit me right in the feels. I cannot even fathom the amount of organization and planning that went into this. Also I am pretty sure I yelled “TEDDY NO” in the office when watching this”

- Adam

“This is the first time we’ve seen machinima on the scale of something like Red vs. Blue. It really brought me back to being a kid and made me very proud.”

- Matt


Honorable Mentions

Press: An Editorial New

Attribution name: CaptainInArms

The front cover and “In Memoriam” pages are torn off from a discarded magazine, but it’s still readable. Taking a break, you decide to read through “PRESS, an Editorial News Publication - War through the eyes of the storytellers”. You can’t remember the last time you heard of current events outside of what your commander tells you…

“We all know CaptainInArms is an accomplished writer/editor, but it takes more than talent to produce a piece this long with consistent quality and intrigue.”



The Warden

Attribution name: Souperior

"I saw guilt in his eyes the moment he stepped out of the building."

-Unknown Colonial Soldier

“It’s surreal to see the characters of foxhole fleshed out with emotions and a backstory. Souperior delivered a taste of a the type of stories he wants to tell, and I cannot wait to see what he can make.”



Congratulations to all our winners! We hope that you all enjoyed the entries very much. If you won we will contact you shortly with all the information about your prizes. We cannot wait for the next contest to see what you all make. If you have suggestions for future contests feel free to share them with KFC or myself on discord!

1 commentaire

15 juin 2019

Man. Just... Man. This community is great! Thanks everyone for doing this art and thank you devs for showing it to me. I am way too invested in this...

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