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0.21 Release Notes

Initial Release

New Content

■ Motorboat

○ A motorized boat for moving small groups of infantry across rivers and between islands

○ Includes 2 inventory slots

○ Roles: 1 driver, 2 passengers

○ Fastest water vehicle in the game

○ Can be currently built on beaches (wet sand surfaces)

○ Only available on Oarbreaker Isles, Fisherman's Row, and Tempest Island

■ Salvage Mines

○ Special variant of the Scrap Mine that produces Upgrade Parts

○ Salvage Mines currently exist on Fisherman's Row, Oarbreaker Isles, and Tempest Island

World Changes

■ Oarbreaker Isles, Fisherman's Row, and Tempest Island have been redesigned

■ Oarbreaker Isles, Fisherman's Row, and Tempest Island are all connected to the mainland via border travel

Gameplay Changes and Features ■ Landing Craft and Motorboats can drive under all bridge types ■ Garrisoned Church structure has been updated with a new design

■ Structure build sites now decay

■ Changes to mitigate region lockdown (Region lockdown currently has serious implications on population flow and queues so several changes are being made to mitigate this scenario. We will continue to look for better ways to combat region lockdown in the future.)

○ Structures built near region borders incurs forced rapid decay

• Decay occurs at 3x rate and can't be prevented with Garrison Supplies

• This does not affect areas near towns, resources, or other areas of interest

○ An alert is no longer shown when a Fort is destroyed, attacked, or built

Game Balance

■ Revolver and Pistol stability time when going from full movement to stationary has been slowed down by ~35%

■ Fort, Scrap Mine, Field Base (Tier 2 FOB), and HE Grenade positions have all changed in the Conquest Tech Tree

■ Scrap and Sulfur Mines have been added to the Skirmish Tech Tree

■ Armoured Car health increased by 33%

■ Technology Part bonus is no longer granted at the Port Base during player imbalance situations

Other Changes

■ Server has received several optimizations that should reduce latency and slightly increase player capacity

■ A visibility status icon is shown on the top left corner of the HUD when the player is hidden in foliage

■ The text chat window can now be minimized for a larger view of the battlefield

■ The daily limit on the # of different players you can commend has been increased from 20 to 30

■ A new API has been to WarAPI for retrieving the current time/day

■ War Correspondent is retired since it's functionality is now superceded by WarAPI

Bug Fixes

■ Various issues regarding border travel over water including:

○ Many vehicles getting stacked on top of each other after travelling

○ Vehicles sinking into the water after travelling

○ NOTE: There still may be additional unknown corner cases that may trigger issues with travel, but the chances of it happening should be significantly lower now

■ Hammering activity gets "stuck" on servers that are under heavy load ■ Unclaimed Blueprints are sometimes lost when players are on the Home Island during a Home Region reset

■ You can run with your HMG and fire it by switching between Pistol and HMG rapidly under high latency conditions

■ Town icons on the world map / travel screen don't appear red when towns are scorched

■ Players/Vehicles at the fringe of a Ballistic Rocket explosion don't get killed

■ Howitzer doesn't begin rotating until your aim has passed a threshold

■ With high latency, vehicles can be launched into the air using gates

■ Water vehicles near, but not directly underneath Drawbridges will no longer receive damage when the bridge is destroyed

■ Retrieving Upgrade Parts from a stockpile pulls an unusually high amount

■ Players can become stuck within Refinery by vaulting on boxes near the front

■ Safehouse Artillery Shelter footprint doesn't always take damage

■ When switching from passenger to driver seat in a Truck, player won't be able to drive

■ No UI feedback is shown when attempting to damage a friendly Base or Rocket Facility

■ Players are able to shoot through some destroyed Garrisoned House walls

■ Killing friendlies with Green Ash while they are in a vehicle does not register as a TK

■ Players can climb to the top of destroyed Garrison Barns

■ When picking up stack-able orders, inventory can be incorrectly judged as being full

■ Animation for Tank Commander while aiming a pistol, HMG aiming, from another player's perspective is very jerky

■ Typo in Light Artillery Shell description

■ Extra unintended Refinery exists in Weathering Halls in Weathered Expanse

■ Map bugs

○ Certain rocks on Oarbreaker Isles can no longer be climbed to gain the high ground

○ Destroyed bridges in Farranac Coast can't be traversed like they can in other maps

○ In ice assets in Mooring County have no collision

○ Supplies dropping under the ground at Callahan's Boot TH when destroyed

○ Shipyard ramp at Wyattwick is too steep, can have issues backing trucks out of

○ Missing travel zone from Endless Shore to Deadlands

○ Cannot mount emplacement house in Callahans passage J8K5

○ Players can become stuck on rocks on Colonial Home Island

○ Road south west of The Latch on map doesn't exist

○ Roads to the east of Saltbrook on map don't exist

○ Mooring County P2k6: road on map doesn't exist

○ Mooring County U8k9: road on map doesn't exist

○ Fuel node at the Blemish doesn't appear on map


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