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0.20 Dev Branch Released

Updated: May 27, 2022


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the TESTING NOTES below to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing OR broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "devbranch -".

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files...".

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top left corner of the screen


  • Please post any bug reports or feedback to the #development-branch channel on Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!

  • Due to the scope of changes across the maps, all map bugs should be submitted to this form

Release Notes

Due to formatting issues with our website, we've temporarily posted our release notes HERE.



Thanks for listening! Just now I noticed, since you didn't answer me. Thanks for stopping misinformation. Also, I am sad that the reformatting of the website removed replies. those were essential.



Hello. My previous account was deleted somehow. I like this but i will point out that you guys made the same mistake in the stream. You mixed out AP Shells with HE Shells. Please correct that before anyone gets confused.

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