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0.14 Dev Branch Released

Updated: May 27, 2022


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the KNOWN ISSUES and WORK IN PROGRESS parts of the release to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing OR broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "Development -".

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files...".

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top left corner of the screen

Additional Notes

  • Blueprint Print speed has been sped up by 300x for testing purposes

  • Garrison Size growth has been sped up by 30x for testing purposes


Please post any bug reports or feedback to the #development-branch channel on Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!

Major Known Issues

  • Mooring County redesign is work in progress (map screen image for it is also temporary)

  • Oarbreaker Isles map design is work in progress

  • The east coast regions like Weathered Expanse, Endless Shore, and Umbral Wildwood do not yet support amphibious landings and thus do not have Shipyards. Amphibious landing support will come to these regions in an upcoming update.

Release Notes

Note that these release notes are work in progress and may be missing certain changes

New Content

  • New Vehicle: Cargo Ship

  • A heavily armoured vessel that can permanently deploy into a forward base

  • Once deployed, Construction Vehicles can be built within it's vicinity

  • Redesigned Vehicle: Gunboat

  • New Warden variant model

  • Colonial model has been redesigned

  • Artillery and FMG turret locations have been reversed

  • Artillery and FMG mounted players are now inside the vehicle (and protected)

  • New World Structure: Forts

  • An ancient fort that has been repurposed into a remote operating base

  • New World Structure: Observation Towers

  • A tall lookout tower that provides map intelligence coverage over a very large area

  • New Conquest Map: Oarbreaker Isles

  • A new Conquest region designed specifically for amphibious warfare

  • Reaching Trail Expansion

  • Now supports 140 players

  • Great March Expansion

  • Now supports 140 players

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Water Mechanics Changes

  • Players can now border travel on water

  • Stamina drain while swimming has decreased by 45%

  • Stamina no longer drains in water if player isn't moving

  • Water vehicles can now be entered while swimming

  • Vehicles can now drift (move slowly) on water even when out of fuel or disabled

  • Key Skirmish changes

  • Skirmishes are unique in the world (no more multiple instances of the same map running at once)

  • Reaching Trail and Great March have been expanded to support 140 players

  • Victory condition is consistent with Conquest now (claim all victory towns and build them to tier 3)

  • 3 hour time limit has been removed

  • Tech Tree is more comprehensive and has more branching choices

  • Oarbreaker Isles will be compatible with Skirmish mode

  • Key Conquest changes

  • A specific number of victory towns are needed to win the Conquest, not all of them Conquest can optionally be extended to include Oarbreaker Isles, Reaching Trail, and Great March New regions can open up several days after the Conquest starts Conquest mode will be exclusive while it is active (Skirmishes won't be available) The Travel screen has been updated with general improvements and to accommodate the new Conquest regions The World Map screen has been updated for the new victory condition

  • Barge

  • Ramp can now lower on any shore (as oppose to just Shipyards and Docks)

  • Can only move when there are 6 or less players standing on it

  • Model has been redesigned to include extra space for the driver to exit

  • Landing APC

  • Can only move when there are 6 or less players standing on it

  • Medical Station (previously only at Port Bases) is now included outside of Port Bases on some maps (Oarbreaker Isles) and can be destroyed

Game Balance

  • Skirmish Tree Tech Tree has been redesigned

  • Now includes Landing APCs, Field MGs, Landing APCs, Cargo Ships, Gunboats, Radio Backpack, Garrison Camps, Half-Tracks, and Light Utility Vehicles

  • Conquest Tech Tree has been changed

  • Westgate, Farranac Coast, and Mooring County have changed

  • Minor changes to production structure distribution in Westgate, Upper Heartlands, and Callahan's Passage

  • Garrison Supplies increase Garrison Size growth by 5x rather than 3x

  • Shipyards have been removed from Weathered Expanse, Endless Shore, and Umbral Wildwood (Temporarily. They will return in a future update)

  • Tunnel Networks

  • No longer requires Tech unlock (available by default)

  • Has reduced damage mitigation against all weapon types

  • Requires CV to build

  • Basic Material cost increased from 100 to 250 Basic Materials

  • Mortars now require Blueprints

  • Half-Track cost has changed from 120 Basic Materials to 120 Refined Materials

  • Barge cost decreased from 170 to 150 Basic Materials

  • Barge item capacity increased from 12 to 15

  • Tech Part drop rate decreased by 15%

  • Supply Drop item quantities have doubled

  • Sticky Bomb distance increased by 40%

Other Changes

  • Border travel now must be manually triggered by pressing 'E"

  • Redesigned Travel Screen

  • Now includes more information such as exact queue counts

  • Redesigned World Map Screen

  • #war-is-starting channel for War Correspondent has been retired

Bug Fixes

  • Lots of bugs have been fixed in 0.14. Release notes for bug fixes coming soon!


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