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World Conquest Trial #1

We just launched an update (, which contains a small number of changes and also supports the first version of World Conquest mode. World Conquest is a feature we've been working on for awhile that allows hundreds of players to fight in the same war across several regions simultaneously. Players will be able to travel in between regions from in-game and the war won't be won until a win condition is met across multiple regions simultaneously. See below (World Conquest Trial #1 Event) for the details on when World Conquest will come online.

Gameplay Features Changes

  • World Conquest Mode (experimental)

  • A new way to play Foxhole that allows for hundreds of players to fight in a single unified war across multiple regions simultaneously (See Trial #1 Event section below for details on how to play this mode)

  • Chance to yield Tech Parts reduced by 33% when using a Hammer and by 50% when using a Sledge Hammer

Game Balance

  • Basic Materials, Refined Materials, and Fuel are now retrieved from Stockpiles in quantities of 10 instead of 5

  • Garrisoned House cost reduced from 150 to 120 Basic Materials

  • Garrisoned House firing arc angle increased

  • Garrisoned House range increased by 37%

Other Changes

  • Server optimizations

  • Coalitions and Spawn points are now saved on a per server basis (non-World Conquest) and won't be cleared when changing servers

Major Bug Fixes

  • Player no longer spawns under the landcape when they are connected to a server when a new war begins

  • The server browser now has a less likely chance to not see servers during the first refresh

  • Exiting a Motorcycle while it is still moving at a slow speed will no longer result in death

  • Vehicle Factory is no longer blocked from being rebuilt if a Vehicle Build Site existed when the structure was destroyed

  • Players are no able to "jump" across destroyed concrete bridges

World Conquest Trial #1 Event

We are currently on track to hold the first ever World Conquest event, which will happen on Saturday morning shortly before 11:00AM EDT. There will be no countdown or world reset. World Conquest mode will simply become available during that time. I will post an announcement when that happens.

The Trial event will be running on a highly experimental version for World Conquest mode. There are many missing features, bugs, and gameplay issues with the mode at present. We intend to sort out these issues in the coming weeks. We ask for your patience and understanding in the event of problems. Thank you for your continued support.

Trial #1 Rules

  • World Conquest war will take place across 4 regions: Deadlands, Upper Heartlands, Endless Shore, and Umbral Wildwood

  • Win Condition will be to claim all towns in 3 of the 4 regions

  • When a region has all towns claimed by one faction, the opposing faction will only be able to enter the region through travel (and not from the World Conquest screen)

  • Chance to yield Tech. Parts will be 50% the normal rate

  • Region travel will be enabled

  • Upper Heartlands will initially be claimed by Colonials and Endless Shore will be initially claimed by Wardens. The following image illustrates the starting conditions of this war.

Known Issues Unfortunately was a last minute bug that we couldn't fix on time with respect to region travelling, but they weren't serious enough to block the update from being release. Please be aware of these issues when playing World Conquest mode.

  • If you travel to a neighboring region and your faction is full, you will be put back to your previous region but at a random travel point.

  • If you travel to a neighboring region that is completely claimed by the enemy and die, you will spawn at a random travel point

  • There are two region travel points in the Upper Heartlands that lead to slightly offset destination points in neighboring regions

  • Travel point on the road East of Oleander Homestead goes to one road north of the intended one in Umbral Wildwood

  • Travel point that is North East Upper Heartlands travelling to Deadlands brings you to one road West of intended one in Deadlands

  • Player counts for each faction are not being reported on the World Conquest screen


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