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Welcome to Foxhole

For any new players that might be joining us today, take a look at this post to find out more about where to get help, resources, and be a part of the community!

We are an extremely direct developer team. So just come and talk to us, anytime on Discord.

How do I play the game?

There isn't a comprehensive tutorial. Our game changes so rapidly that by the time we got one fully developed it would be outdated. Instead we rely heavily on our supportive community to get people trained up. Any question at all you can ask on our discord by pinging the @Regulars , @mods, or @KrazyFlyinChicken#4762.

We also have a video for the basics which came out some time ago, but is still relevant.

We have several of our clans running training operations all the time. You'll hopefully see them around in-game in the skirmish servers. Just say Hi!

I haven't played in ages. What's new?

Everything. The easiest way to find out about what's changed is to read through our update announcement feed. If you'd rather watch videos, check out I Saw A Bear's Youtube videos which details every single Foxhole update.

Important things to check out

The Foxhole community is active on a daily basis. If you want be part of it, you might want to check out these places first:


Chat with the devs and other community members: Foxhole Discord


Discuss ideas and give feedback: r/foxholegame

I SAW A BEAR on YOUTUBE Get details on the latest Foxhole updates and gameplay videos: I Saw A Bear's channel


Find it here! Or contribute to it by joining This discord.


Monitor the war live on the web: Foxhole Interactive Map

Another one from the Community: Foxhole Server Monitor


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