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War 28

Updated: May 14, 2019

The next War starts on Tuesday, May 14th. The following configuration will be used:

- Civic Center will require 350 Upgrade Parts (pre-Update 25 value)

- Relic Vehicles: Staff Car, Relic Bus, Storm Tanks

- White Chapel & Deeplaw Post will be made into Victory Towns

As part of our experimental win condition for Update 25, we reduced the number of Upgrade Parts required to upgrade Town Halls AND to build the Civic Center. While we are happy that it increased player agency and allowed the length of wars to be more dynamic, we feel that other parts of the game need to be improved before this win condition can be properly supported in the long run. For additional context, please read this post on Reddit.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the last few wars.


May 13, 2019

Down with the relic bus

BRIng back the relic


May 13, 2019

what?) Wars have become the opposite of short, uninteresting and the number of players has decreased. it's FACT

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