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War 27 & Update 25 Patch

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

So we've been hearing a lot feedback about Supply Caches and the short length of War 26. For Update 25, we introduced some experimental changes like Supply Caches and a reduced requirement for claiming victory towns. We knew there were some risks involved, but we wanted to try some new things to try to address a few issues summarized in this reply on Reddit.

Having seen these changes play out in two wars now and after reviewing the feedback, we are going to be patching Update 25 with the following changes before War 27 starts on Tuesday.

■ Mortars, HE Grenades, and RPGs will be blacklisted from Supply Caches

■ Starter equipment at Port Bases have been reduced significantly (only Basic Materials, Fuel, and Upgrade Parts)

■ Starter equipment at Town Halls have been reduced significantly (only Rifles, Radios, Wrenches, and Soldier Supplies)

■ When Forward and Town Bases are claimed by the opposing faction, Soldier Supplies are cleared and the stockpile is decimated by 50%

Edit: Due to a bug, the starter equipment changes won't go into effect until War 28

We will be monitoring the next war closely and will make additional balance changes if necessary. I've also started a discussion thread on Reddit for further feedback.

The Relic Vehicles that will be available in War 27 are:

- Transport Bus

- Staff Car

- Storm Tank


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