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Update 50 Release Notes

Updated: Dec 12, 2022


Gameplay Changes

  • Tempest Cannon RA-2 can no longer fire from the rapid decay zone.

  • Collision removed from crates on the Large Assembly Factory. This is to make parking (and reserving) large vehicles easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Gallagher Thornfall MK. VI may shoot its own turret with ARC/RPG when boosting.


Gameplay Changes

  • Neutral structures no longer spread fire

Bug Fixes

  • Howitzer Garrisons can now return fire against the Tempest Cannon at ranges beyond 400m

    • EDIT: This was a flat increase to Howitzer Garrison retaliation range to 600m.

  • A craned packaged Tempest Cannon does not drop onto certain track layouts

  • Some vehicles are slowed down when they ram build sites without any build progress

  • World Tracks can be interacted with through Upgrade Mode even though actions cannot be performed on them

  • Items can be transferred to and from small rail car even when they are disconnected

  • Selected language is set to system default language after a region server restart

  • Some vehicles mounts display their seat position twice in the key hint at the bottom left corner of the screen

  • Gunner seats that require an engineer role don't give any feedback when the player attempts to reload


Gameplay Changes

  • Large Gauge Tracks now have up to 75% chance of not consuming Garrison Supplies when decay is being prevented on them. The chance is higher when there are less Tracks in a region.

    • NOTE: This is to partially address the feedback around the difficulty of maintaining Tracks. The effort of Garrison Supplies is balanced towards mitigating structure spam and staying within region server technical constraints. These changes are meant to alleviate that effort while staying within those constraints. Further improvements to the user experience for maintaining Tracks will be explored in future updates.

Other Changes

  • Feedback is now shown when artillery mounted vehicles can't fire immediately after border travelling

Bug Fixes

  • Track placement at some region borders unintentionally fails

  • Vehicles without producible Prototypes yield a Prototype Kit at the Engineering Center

  • Locomotives can unexpectedly collide with the train behind it when reversing when the Tracks they are placed on are curved at specific angles


Gameplay Changes

  • Locomotives can no longer ram vehicles if there are friendly passengers inside them

  • Artillery mounted vehicles can no longer fire immediately after border travelling

Bug Fixes

  • Locomotive ramming collisions were too generous

  • Vehicles do not warm up inside Modification Centers

  • Cross border tracks can decay if too much time has passed after a server maintenance restart

  • Track bugs (will be 1-2hrs after patch is rolled out)

    • Basin Sionnach - Cuttail - Tracks are too far from the Seaport

    • Howl County - Tracks east of the dam are blocked by environmental objects


Bug Fixes

  • HH-d “Peltast” distance control can sometimes become unresponsive after firing

  • BMS Railtruck assembling an item immediately after opening the UI screen while under high latency can cause the character to be in a stuck animation

    • NOTE: This fix was originally part of but was reverted. The fix has now been restored.

  • Diagnostics for network connection errors was not always reporting accurate data


Bug Fixes

  • BMS Linerunner submit actions are not available when right clicking in the inventory


Gameplay Changes

  • Catwalk decay can now be prevented by Maintenance Tunnels

Game Balance

  • All vehicle mounted artillery weapons can no longer be fired on deployed Barges

  • Production times at the Large Shell Factory have been increased

    • 120mm increased to 25s

    • 150mm increased to 40s

    • 75mm, 94.5mm, 300mm increased to 60s

    • NOTE: This is to address the significant overabundance of shells. While this change isn't intended to impact the amount of shells produced (as input resources have not changed), it is intended to require multiple facilities to produce them quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • Underground Pipes sometimes resets position after attaching to two structures

  • Track switches visually don't point in the right direction for tracks that end and don't start on the main line

  • Having an intermediate Train car destroyed while the train is in motion can cause the rear train cars to remain in motion indefinitely

  • Rycker 4/3-F Wasp Nest destruction animation repeats in a loop

  • Fuel Containers can be submitted to stockpiles when they are full, resulting in the potential loss of contents

  • Some Trench Connectors have gaps in their collisions when build a certain way

  • BMS Holdout aim UI does not accurately reflect firing arc

  • Aegis Steelbreaker K5a have inconsistent ammo capacities on side mounts

  • BMS Railtruck submit action can put the interface in a bad state, preventing stockpile submission via crane

  • BMS Railtruck assembling an item immediately after opening the UI screen while under high latency can cause the character to be in a stuck animation

    • EDIT: This bug fix was reverted last minute but will resolved in an upcoming hotfix

  • Liquid production can sometimes get stuck if they buffer to their capacity and production stops


Game Balance

  • Water Bucket effectiveness and area of effect accuracy issues have been resolved, resulting in the following results

    • Water Bucket area of effect has been increased by an approximate factor of 3x

    • Water Bucket effectiveness improved by an approximate factor of 3x

  • Retrieving items with a Fuel Tanker now has the same speed bonus as Trucks

Bug Fixes

  • Shippables on a Train Flatbed car will be positioned too low on the ground after the train car is destroyed

  • Facility structures with output pipes will continue to produce even when the liquid has nowhere to go, which can cause unnecessary resources to be expended


New Features/Improvements

  • Pipe contents/volume can now be viewed by pressing E on one end of a pipe

  • Drain Pipes action has been added to al Pipe types

    • Removes liquid from all connected and Reserved pipes

  • Foundations can now be demolished for up to 3 hours after construction

    • This only works if there are no structures built on top

  • Shard name now appears on the bottom left corner of the map screen

  • Players can no longer modify a vehicle at the Modification Center if they are not part of the reserve group (so players don't lose their vehicles by accident)

  • Facility structures have improved visuals after taking damage

  • Slightly improved framerate when around stockpiles of rocket ammunition

Game Balance

  • Water Bucket effectiveness against fire has been increased

Bug Fixes

  • Players can be set on fire when they are outside of the intended burn range of structures

  • Players riding in Locomotives can't be shot

  • Pallets can't be submitted to Storage Depots

  • Offline players members can't be removed from Squads

  • Trench Emplacements can't have Barbed Wire modification built on one side

  • 300mm ammunition can be produced even when tech is locked

    • NOTE: Any existing ammo that has already been produced is acceptable for use

  • Trains do not ram build sites as expected

  • Collisions on Material Transfer Station are slightly off when damaged

  • Modification Center is missing some VFX/SFX

  • Some Materials from facilities had incorrect textures

  • Rear train cars switch to the front of the train when backing into an inactive switch

  • Server can crash under several rare circumstances

  • O’Brien Warsmith v.215 is missing sound effects when entering the vehicle

  • Coke has an intended high amount of stockpile value

  • Tempest Cannon RA-2 has issues turning very tight corners on tracks

  • Tempest Cannon RA-2 can be clipping other vehicles after border travelling

EDIT: An additional bug fix was included in this release: Emplaced Weapons can't be craned out of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Emplacement Trenches in certain locations in the world.


New Features

  • Music volume can now be controlled separately from the options screen

  • Optimizations to significantly smooth out the Squad user interface when a shard has a very high number of regiments and players

    • NOTE: This fixes the severe hitching that some players are experiencing

  • Optimizations to improve frame rate around Resource Transfer Stations that are full (there are still some performance issues, but we are working to resolve them)

Bug Fixes

  • BMS Linerunner user interface has the stockpile positioned incorrectly

  • Oil Silos and some Transfer Station meshes may sometimes become invisible when structures are damaged below a threshold

  • Submitting a loaded Pallet to a Storage Depot will destroy the items on it

  • Various item descriptions have errors

  • Home Region map images do not match the actual map in all cases

  • The demolish button tooltip sometimes shows the incorrect demolish time

  • Keyboard rebinding sometimes fails

  • Squad leader can invite a player even though a Squad has reached it's limit

Initial Release

For an overview on the new features coming in this release, please watch our preview video and read this Dev Blog post.


  • A new and expansive logistics player activity that allows players to construct industrial bases

  • Materials

    • Construction Materials

      • Used in the production of basic structures and vehicles at Facilities.

    • Higher quality construction materials.

      • Used in the production of advanced structures and vehicles at Facilities.

    • Steel Construction Materials

      • A high end alloy that's used in the most advanced applications at Facilities.

    • There are a wide variety of new types of materials that can be produced and consumed at Facilities.

  • Provisional Roads

    • A temporary road used to enable vehicle access between main roads and remote bases.

  • Foundations

    • A foundation for building out areas suitable for Facilities construction.

    • Foundations come in different sizes and shapes.

  • Materials Factory

    • Refines resources into Construction Materials. This factory can be upgraded to produce additional basic materials that are used in a variety of processes at Facilities.

  • Metalworks Factory

    • Refines resources into Processed Construction Materials. This factory can be upgraded to produce additional advanced materials that are used in a variety of high end processes at Facilities.

  • Ammunition Factory

    • A factory that produces various types of heavy and advanced ammunition.

  • Pipeline

    • Transports various types of liquid automatically. Can connect to other types of pipes to form networks.

    • Pipes can freeze during snow storms.

    • There are Underground and Overhead variants of this structure.

  • Pipeline Valve

    • Controls the rate of flow through a pipeline. Requires a Wrench for adjustment.

  • Assembly Station

    • Allows production of a wide variety of vehicles and equipment. Some variants require a base vehicle to be present on the Assembly Station before production can be begin. There are two types of Assembly Stations.

    • Light Vehicle Assembly Station - Essential vehicles and equipment are produced here.

    • Heavy Assembly Station - Advanced vehicles like heavy tank classes and trains are produced here.

  • Field Modification Center

    • Vehicles can be further upgraded into higher tiers using this Facility. Higher tier vehicles have improved durability.

  • Stationary Harvester

    • A stationary harvester that automatically gathers resources at fields using fuel.

  • Oil Well (Replaces legacy Oil Well)

    • Extracts Oil from an underground source. Must be built near a Crude Oil Field.

  • Water Pump

    • Used to collect Water to be used in Facility recipes. Water Pumps can be placed at any body of water.

  • Coal Refinery

    • This Facility refines Coal into other useful materials for the purposes of production and power generation.

  • Oil Refinery

    • This Facility refines Oil into other useful materials for the purposes of production and power generation.

  • Diesel Power Plant

    • Generates a small amount of power using Diesel as input.

  • Power Station

    • This Facility generates a large amount of power using Oil or Coal as inputs.

  • Power Pole

    • Used to connect Power Lines together. Up to 4 Power Lines can be attached to a singe pole.

  • Power Line

    • Conducts power between two Power Poles.

  • Transfer Stations

    • Used for storing materials for transfer into and out of Facilities. The stockpile for this structure can be reserved. There are three types of Transfer Stations

    • Resource Transfer Stations can store raw resources

    • Liquid Transfer Stations can store fuels for

    • Material Transfer Stations can store materials

  • Fuel Changes

    • Fuel Tankers have had their fuel holding capacity decreased as a part of the balancing for Power in Facilities. Fuel Tankers no longer stack Fuel items but have had their inventory capacity increased from 2 to 25.

      • Note: To minimize the impact this change will have on the economy, we have reduced the input requirements of Salvage, Sulfur, and Component mines. As a result it should now be possible to keep these mines fuelled without player interaction for a longer period of time. In addition, all vehicles have had their fuel consumption rates reduced by 50% (meaning vehicles can drive twice as far on a full tank). Lastly, Players will be able to produce Petrol at their facilities and be much more abundant, but will require more effort to move around.

    • World Resource Mines have had their Diesel consumption greatly reduced to account for the reduction of Fuel transport capabilities. This means that mines will produce the same amount of resources but will need to be refuelled less.

    • Engine Room Bunker Modifications have had their Diesel consumption halved to account for the reduction of Fuel transport capabilities.

  • Fuel Containers

    • Stores a high volume of liquids, supporting a variety of fuel types. Nearby structures or vehicles can be refuelled directly from this container.

  • Fuel Silo

    • Stores various types of fuel, including Heavy Oil, Petrol, and Crude Oil.

  • Maintenance Tunnel

    • Prevents decay for Facilities and Railway Tracks by providing Garrison Supplies to nearby structures. Garrison Supplies can also be produced on site using Construction Materials.

  • Catwalks

    • Catwalks are used as raised walkways above Facilities.

    • There are three types of Catwalk structures (Stairs, Platform, Bridge) that can connect to form networks.

Fire System

  • Flamethrowers will be available in handheld and vehicle mounted variants.

  • Burnt buildings can reach a Blazing state. Once this state is reached surrounding buildings have a chance to catch on fire. The impacted area is influenced by the wind direction.

  • Accurate Flamethrower bursts on players will set them on fire.

  • Many of the buildings in the world can be burnt, including Garrison Houses and Bunker Bases. Extinguishing fires can be done by throwing Water on fires with Water Buckets. Water Buckets can be filled from any body of water, including from wells in towns.

  • Some lighter vehicles can be burnt and destroyed by Flamethrowers.

  • Vehicle's can be thawed using Flamethrowers.

  • Willow's Bane Model 845

    • Class: Flamethrower

    • Faction: Warden

    • Named for the unfortunate trees harmed in the development of this highly destructive weapon, the Willow's Bane utilizes flammable chemicals and fires them into a concentrated stream through an open flame. This liquid flame ignites Colonial emplacements and garrisons to route infantry while reducing their defences to a pile of ash.

  • "Molten Wind" v.II Flame Torch

    • Class: Flamethrower

    • Faction: Colonial

    • Using a deadly mix of flammable gasses and chemical compounds, the "Molten Wind" is the Colonial Legion's most devastating infantry weapon. Employing ancient techniques, Mesean chemists developed a technique to stabilize and weaponize liquid flames, which quickly transform any flammable structure into a raging inferno.

Train System

  • Track System

    • Tracks are placed by players via the build menu. Tracks can be manipulated with the right mouse button and the scroll wheel, allowing for players to change the direction and elevation.

    • Railways can be constructed across region borders by placing Tracks near the region border. The Track will appear on the neighbouring region border.

    • Train Bridges and Fixed Tracks have been added in strategic locations in the world that player built Tracks can connect to.

      • IMPORTANT: Train Bridges are currently not destructible but vehicles cannot drive over them.

    • If Train Cars are closed enough to one another they can be coupled by going between the two Cars and pressing E (or Shift-E if there are multiple usable objects nearby).

    • Negotiate rail yards with Track branches controlled by switches. Switches are automatically placed a branch is broken off from an existing Track.

    • There are three classes of tracks: Normal, Small Gauge, Crane.

    • Normal Gauge Tracks cannot connect to enemy Tracks.

  • Large Gauge Trains

    • Large Trains are long-distance locomotives that are used for hauling supplies, vehicles, and other large equipment across the world

    • BMS Black Bolt

      • Class: Locomotive

      • One of the most storied mass-market 0-6-2 locomotives engineered by the Bassett Motor Society, this coal-powered industrial train engine is reliable, tested, and incredibly durable. The Black Bolt’s legacy is unmatched having aided the Bassett Motor Society in supplying countries across the globe.

    • BMS Rockhold

      • Class: Container Car

      • A container car for transporting coal to refuel trains over long-distance trips.

    • BMS Longrider

      • Class: Flatbed Car

      • A flatbed car for transporting large resources and munitions by train over long-distances.

  • Small Gauge Trains

    • Small Trains are short-distance locomotives that are efficient for resource collection and material distribution within a Facility.

    • BMS Mineseeker

      • Class: Small Train Locomotive

      • The Mineseeker is the Bassett Motor Society’s mechanized mule. This small 0-4-0 locomotive can haul tonnes of weight over short distances with little overhead. Ideal for a mining operation or short-range supply chains.

    • BMS Railtruck

      • Class: Small Container Car

      • A low profile flatbed car for transporting large resources and munitions over short distances on small gauge tracks.

    • BMS Linerunner

      • Class: Small Flatbed Car

      • A small gauge container car for transporting raw materials.

  • Tempest Cannon RA-2

    • Class: Long Range Artillery Car

    • All the power of a stationary Storm Cannon, but easily relocated via rails. This devastating cannon is capable of levelling enemy fortifications at very large distances.

New Cranes

  • BMS Foreman Stacker

    • The Foreman is an all-purpose, no-frills, easy to assemble crane. Perfect for hauling heavy loads in facilities where loading and offloading is commonplace.

  • BMS Overseer Sky-Hauler

    • The star of the BMS arsenal of military-grade construction equipment, the Overseer Sky-Hauler makes several tonnes look like a feather, and enjoys a high level of mobility while deployed along heavy-duty rail lines.

New Vehicles

  • T14 “Vesta” Tankette

    • Class: Tankette

    • Faction: Colonial

    • The first T-class tankette to utilize this sturdier frame and versatile treads, the Vesta also represents the Velian’s first foray into fire weapons. The “Vesta” boasts a light flame turret and ample storage for the additional fuel supply required.

  • O’Brien v.130 Wild Jack

    • Class: Armoured Car

    • Faction: Warden

    • While the Noble Firebrand Mk. XVII is a deadly flamethrower tank, a more efficient means of employing flame weapons was needed. Enter the Wild Jack. Named for the fiery idols made by children for Dead Harvest, the Wild Jack is a variation of the Highlander.

  • R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher

    • Class: Truck

    • Faction: Colonial

    • A truck fitted with an advanced rocket propulsion rack, the “Retiarius” webs the sky with deadly, screeching rockets shot at a high frequency over long distances. Holds sixteen rockets.

  • Niska-Rycker Mk. IX Skycaller

    • Class: Half-Track

    • Faction: Warden

    • A first of its kind, the Skycaller is a variation of the Niska Motor Carriage with a Rycker designed rocket battery fitted in the rear bed. This unique armoured vehicle quickly fires rockets long distances with ease, and can be rearmed and relocated at the drop of a hat. The Skycaller is the deadly result of combined Nevish and Caoivish engineering.

  • T14 “Vesta” Tankette

    • Class: Tankette

    • Faction: Colonial

    • The first T-class tankette to utilize this sturdier frame and versatile treads, the Vesta also represents the Velian’s first foray into fire weapons. The “Vesta” boasts a light flame turret and ample storage for the additional fuel supply required.

  • O’Brien v.130 Wild Jack

    • Class: Armoured Car

    • Faction: Warden

    • While the Noble Firebrand Mk. XVII is a deadly flamethrower tank, a more efficient means of employing flame weapons was needed. Enter the Wild Jack. Named for the fiery idols made by children for Dead Harvest, the Wild Jack is a variation of the Highlander.

  • H-19 “Vulcan”

    • Class: Light Tank

    • Faction: Colonial

    • This modified “Hatchet” features a reinforced fuel cell fixed to its rear alongside a heavy flamethrower turret. This light tank can launch litres of burning fuel a fair distance, while its crew remains protected behind light armour plating.

  • Noble Firebrand Mk. XVII

    • Class: Destroyer Tank

    • Faction: Warden

    • In response to the Legion embarking on aggressive northern offensives, the Firebrand is designed to conflagrate and eradicate their garrisons with ease. Built using the aggressive frame of the Widow, the Firebrand is a pure force of nature when paired with a secondary armoured escort.

  • 85V-g "Talos"

    • Class: Assault Tank

    • Faction: Colonial

    • The Talos is a Velian modification to the 85-series, fitted with an oversized 75mm cannon. Knowing that such a heavy cannon would likely not be suitable, the engineers built it to disperse weight in such a manner that the 85-series chassis could bear it.

  • Gallagher Thornfall Mk. III

    • Class: Cruiser Tank

    • Faction: Warden

    • Armed with a rack of Bonesaw mortar launchers, the Thornfall is designed to launch an indirect mechanized assault on enemy armour. This unique vehicle supports an allied assault and cannot withstand large amounts of punishment.

  • Lance-36

    • Class: Battle Tank

    • Faction: Colonial

    • A heavy-duty Battle Tank with thick armour plating and destructive firepower. The Lance is fitted with a 75mm turret and a front-facing 12.7mm anti-infantry machine gun. The heavy armour limits top speed, but in exchange it can take a lot of punishment.

  • Flood Mk. I

    • Class: Battle Tank

    • Faction: Warden

    • A heavy-duty Battle Tank with thick armour plating and destructive firepower. The Flood is fitted with a 75mm turret and a front-facing 12.7mm anti-infantry machine gun. The heavy armour limits top speed, but in exchange it can take a lot of punishment.

  • O-75b "Ares"

    • Class: Super Tank

    • Faction: Colonial

    • Armed with a dual 75mm turret, the Ares is a lumbering beast. What it lacks in speed and versatility, it more than makes up for with raw destructive power.

  • Cullen Predator Mk. III

    • Class: Super Tank

    • Faction: Warden

    • This gargantuan beast is the brainchild of Gray Cullen. Once thought impossible, the Predator was Cullen’s idea of how a great ship might operate on land. It boasts two sets of quad-barrelled grenade launches and a heavy-duty 94.5mm forward facing cannon. While limitations of ground-based travel posed certain restrictions on the scope of the project, Cullen wasn’t deterred and made necessary adjustments to meet his vision of the ideal land ship.

  • Aegis Steelbreaker K5a

    • Class: Combat Car

    • Faction: Colonial

    • Known across the colonies as King of the Rails, this heavily armoured train car is designed to protect and exert dominance over contest rail lines, especially when transporting supplies into contested territory as well as safely transporting infantry. This armoured beast boasts a forward facing cannon, as well as heavy lateral guns.

  • O’Brien Warsmith v.215

    • Class: Combat Car

    • Faction: Warden

    • In his later years, O’Brien nearly died in an attack on a military passenger train while travelling to Whedon’s Row. In response, he put his team to work designing not only an infantry car that offered powerful protection to any locomotive, but one that just the sight of it would run off all but the most committed of attackers—Namely its thick armour plating and powerful twin turrets.

  • 945g “Stygian Bolt”

    • Class: Field Gun

    • Faction: Colonial

    • The “Stygian Bolt” Heavy Field Gun is fitted with a monstrous 94.5mm cannon paired with heavy angled blast shielding. Inspired by the rows of narrow canyons in their homeland of the Lacrista province, Mesean engineers designed this field weapon to keep its crew as safe from ancillary fire as possible while maintaining forward momentum.

  • Balfour Stockade 75mm

    • Class: Field Gun

    • Faction: Warden

    • This robust field cannon not only allows infantry to fire heavy 75mm shells with ease, but it provides state-of-the-art curved blast shielding for maximum protection from crossfire.

New Emplacements

  • DAE 1b-2 “Serra”

    • Faction: Colonial

    • Built like a saw blade, the DAE 1b-2 emplacement gun is fitted with three cascading machine gun turrets. What the Serra lacks in power, it makes up for in sheer rate of fire for a weapon of its size.

  • Huber Starbreaker 94.5mm

    • Faction: Warden

    • Built to compliment other free-standing artillery pieces, the emplaced Huber Starbreaker launches 94.5mm shells over very long distances. A necessary tool for infantry to knock back armoured Colonial advances.

  • DAE 2a-1 “Ruptura”

    • Faction: Colonial

    • Not to be outdone by its counterparts, the 2a-1 “Ruptura” is fitted with a 75mm cannon. Designed to aid in holding ground for longer durations, the “Ruptura” is a strong, efficient anti-armour tool.

  • DAE 1o-3 “Polybolos”

    • Faction: Colonial

    • To combat Caoivish ingenuity, the Meseans developed their own indirect RPG propulsion system. Dual launchers are fitted on a large emplacement platform to maximize coverage in an established position, rather than being relegated to a guerrilla warfare tool.

  • DAE 3b-2 “Hades’ Net”

  • Faction: Colonial

  • The DAE 3b-2 fires rockets over long distances from a safe, emplaced position. This unique weapon was given its name due to the screams heard across the battlefield during its first deployment, with some referring to the barrage as a “web of death.”

Other New Content

  • Fuel Container

    • Faction: Neutral

    • Stores various types of fuel including Heavy Oil, Petrol, and Crude Oil.

  • Water Bucket

    • Produced at the Factory and used to put out fires

    • Can be refilled at bodies of water or wells

    • Can also be refilled using Water resource item

  • Storage Rooms (repurposed from Ammunition Room)

    • Can store a wider variety of Large Items including: Metal Beams, Sandbags, Barbed Wire, Tripods, Tripod Weapons, Artillery Shells, and other ammo types.

Gameplay Changes

  • New Resources

    • Coal fields have been added and Oil fields have been reworked. Both resource types are used in Facilities production and power generation.

    • Gravel

      • Resource used for building Roads and Foundations.

      • Refined at logistics towns Refineries using Coal.

    • Damaged Components

      • Damaged Components that can be salvaged into Components at Facilities.

      • Damaged Components can provide a continual source of Components even when their respective fields are depleted

  • Material Pallets are now constructed empty at the Construction Yards or Facilities.

  • Material Pallets now serve the role of transporting Facility Materials and heavy ordinance.

  • Small Shipping Containers have been removed from the game.

    • Note: When we shipped Entrenched a year ago the Small Shipping Container was added (and the Shipping Container 50% capacity was increased) as a temporary solution to a transport problem that we had always intended to resolve with trains. Now that we’re finally here, the Small Shipping Container is being removed (but the Shipping Container buff is remaining). Pallets will instead be used to make direct deliveries from player facilities to the frontline. This will include certain hard-to-move items such as 120mm, 150mm, 250mm, and 300mm Ammo types, as well as some new ones. For more details on this decision please read the Devblog

  • Sandbag, Metal Beam, and Barbed Wire materials can no longer be produced at the Construction Yard. Players will instead be able to produce them at Facilities or at logistics town Factories.

    • These crates can then be submitted to material pallets for easier transport.

  • Bunker base add-ons cost Sandbag, Barbed Wire, and Metal Beam materials again.

  • The old Crude Oil has been removed from the game as it has been replaced with the Oil item.

  • Vehicles can now be upgraded at the Field Modification Center.

    • Note that their increased durability improvements have changed

      • Tier 2 vehicles are 10% more durable than base vehicles

      • Tier 3 vehicles are 20% more durable than base vehicles

  • ARC/RPG ammunition can now be produced by Colonials.

  • 12.7 Anti Infantry Flak Gun is now a Warden specific emplaced weapon.

  • 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon is now a Warden specific emplaced weapon.

  • The Balfour Rampart 40mm has been replaced with the Balfour Rampart 68mm.

  • The 68-45 "Smelter" has been replaced with the 40-45 "Smelter".

  • Some team structures have a new action button that allows players to flag them for Disruptive placement. Structures that have been flagged by enough unique players will be vulnerable to friendly fire damage.

  • Most vehicle variants are now produced at Facilities (Vehicle Assembly Station)

  • Vehicle variants no longer require tech tree unlocks, but instead will require a base vehicle for production (the base vehicle is still bound by the tech tree)

  • Radio backpack code transmission no longer works if there are vehicles or other obstacles blocking it from above

  • Encampments (Forward Bases) no longer upgrade into higher tiers

    • NOTE: Higher tier Forward Bases were part of a legacy set of Early Access content (like Gun Turrets, Sunken Pillboxes, etc were) that have been superceded by Bunker Bases and are thus being retired.

Balance Changes

  • Base vehicles have had their material cost reduced to account for the additional requirements to produce variants at Facilities

    • T3 "Xiphos" refined material cost reduced from 40 to 25.

    • T12 "Actaeon" Tankette refined material cost reduced from 50 to 35.

    • H5 "Hatchet" refined material cost reduced from 135 to 115.

    • 85K-b "Falchion" refined material cost reduced from 165 to 135.

    • AA-2 "Battering Ram" refined material cost reduced from 30 to 20.

    • O'brien V. 110 refined material cost reduced from 35 to 25.

    • King Spire MK-I refined material cost reduced from 80 to 70.

    • Devitt Mk. III refined material cost reduced from 140 to 120.

    • Silverhand - Mk. IV refined material cost reduced from 170 to 155.

    • Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II refined material cost reduced from 165 to 155.

      • NOTE: This note was mistakenly added and did not come to the live game. The Outlaw cost remains at 165 refined materials.

    • Balfour Wolfhound 40mm refined material cost reduced from 30 to 20.

    • Collins Cannon 68mm refined material cost reduced from 30 to 20.

  • Small arms changes

    • Cutler Launcher 4 refined material cost increased from 15 to 35.

    • 20 Nevile Anti-Tank Rifle crate size reduced from 5 to 3.

    • BF5 White Ash Flash Grenade

      • Crate size reduced from 15 to 10.

      • Explosive material cost reduced from 40 to 30.

    • Bane 45 encumbrance reduced from 50% to 45%

    • Hydra's Whisper damage increased by 40%.

  • Item/Economy changes

    • Petrol

      • Petrol cans now hold 50 litres of fuel.

      • To accommodate for the above change, assembling Petrol yields two cans.

    • All world resource mines have had their production output and cycle times increased by four times. This amounts to refuelling four times less often.

    • All world resource mines now consume petrol two times faster.

    • Engine Room fuel consumption rate reduced by 50%.

    • Pallets are now produced at Construction Yards or Facilities.

    • Barbed Wire, Sandbags and Metal Beams are no longer constructed as pallets at the Construction Yard but instead as crates in Factories or as individual items at facilities.

    • 300mm Rounds are no longer produced at Factories and are instead made at Facilities

  • Vehicle balance

    • All vehicles have had their fuel consumption rates halved.

    • RR-3 "Stolon" Tanker and Dunne Fuelrunner 2d

      • Inventory no longer stacks items.

      • Inventory size increased from 2 to 25

      • Off-road speed has increased by 75%

    • T5 "Percuito"

      • Ammo increased from 8 to 10.

      • Off-road speed has been improved.

      • Overall speed has been decreased slightly.

    • Gallagher Highwayman Mk. III maximum inaccuracy (maximum size the reticle can bloom to) has been decreased.

  • Field Machine Gun costs reduced from 25 to 20 Refined Materials.

  • Pallet health increased by 100%

Other Changes

  • Vehicle subsystem status icons are now red when disabled.

  • Vehicle tread marks on the ground will colour match bombardment devastation and snowstorms.

  • New music added to the main menu, home regions, and for victory and defeat.

  • The build menu can now be opened without a building tool.

  • The build menu has been broken down into tabs for improved organization.

  • Monument Parks in Home Regions removed

Bug Fixes

  • If two barges deploy their ramps overlapping each other they will obstruct each other from raising their ramps.

  • Upgrading an Emplacement Trench with a deployed emplacement will no longer provide buffs to that emplacement unless it's deployed again.

  • Firepits can not be constructed on Seaports (again).

  • 86K-C "Ranseur" RPG aim line persists when opening the commander hatch.

  • Silverhand MK. IV 68mm gunner turret recoil animation does not play.

  • 85K-B "Falchion 40mm turret recoil animation does not play.

  • Many map bugs were fixed through the process of changing them to support Tracks and Coastal Guns.


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