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Update 49 Release Notes

Updated: Jun 23, 2022


Bug Fixes

■ Server crash fixes.

■ Bicycles spawn too close to some safe houses and obstruct construction.

■ A faction upgrading their only sub-region base in a region will result in a contested border.


Bug Fixes

■ Vehicles bounce in regions observing high server load.


Bug Fixes

■ Surface not suitable check can be circumvented by standing on a Trench Connector.

■ Trench Connectors remain attached after the build site they are connected to expire.

■ Trench Connectors under roads do not self destruct if built without an exposed neighbour.

■ Vehicles can run players over when parked.

■ Legacy reverse behaviour does not kick in until at speed.


Bug Fixes

■ High frame rates can cause vehicles to 'hop' around.

■ Vehicle rotation accelerates when adjacent to an object.

■ Only the active tech tier is visible at the Engineering Center.

■ Trench connectors under roads can have Sandbags or Barbed Wire added to them.



■ Improved motorcycle traction.

■ Bunkers attached to other bunkers can no longer be demolished when damaged.

Bug Fixes ■ Sleeping characters cause a server crash when run over.

■ Trenches adjacent to bunkers can not be filled in.

Release Notes

Orange bullet points are new since Dev-Branch.

New Content.

■ 86K-c “Ranseur”

○ Class: Assault Tank

○ Faction: Colonial

○ This evolution of the “Bardiche” is fitted quad-mounted RPG launchers paired with a high-velocity 12.7mm cannon. The “Ranseur” indicates progress in Kraunian design as they continue to leverage outdated equipment to create deadly, modern armour. ■ Gallagher Highwayman Mk. III

○ Class: Cruiser Tank

○ Faction: Warden

○ Colm Gallagher’s engineers designed a variation of the Outlaw that features an independently rotating MG turret sitting atop the main armament of twin anti-tank cannons. What it lacks in raw firepower compared to its older sibling, the Highwayman more than makes up for it with versatility.

New Features.

■ Improved Vehicle Physics.

○ Rear wheel drive and tracked motorized vehicles will see more realistic behaviour when traversing uneven terrain, trenches, and rubble. Charging a tank over several trenches can be performed in an accurate advance that conforms to the shape of the terrain under your treads.

○ Abrupt lag spikes at bridges should no longer throw your truck into the ocean.

Fully tracked vehicle controls have an alternative control scheme that can be toggled in the options menu.

■ Localisation has returned and remains a work in progress for the following languages. ○ Chinese.

○ French.

○ German.

○ Portuguese

○ Russian.

○ If you would like to get involved with the localisation process and help improve the quality of our localisation, please see our post about it here

Performance improvements for Bunker Bases, Squad GUI, and Weather.

Balance Changes.

■ UV-24 "Icarus" range increased to 40m

■ T8 "Gemini" range increased to 35m

■ T8 "Gemini" inventory/ammo capacity increased from 6 to 12

■ Balfour Rampart 40mm deals 25% less damage against structures (damage vs vehicle is unchanged)

■ All deployed Tripod weapons have 50% more health

■ Field Machine Gun ammo capacity doubled (see bug fixes).

■ Clancy-Raca M4

○ Stability gain rate decreased.

○ Crate size reduced from 5 to 3.

○ Can no longer stand and fire without full cover.

○ Movement speed penalty increased.

○ High velocity reduced to 35%

○ Weapon can no longer fire from Barges or APCs.

■ KRR3-792 Auger

○ Stability gain rate decreased.

○ Refined material cost increased from 15 to 25.

○ Can no longer stand and fire without full cover.

○ Movement speed penalty increased.

○ High velocity reduced to 25%.

○ Weapon can no longer fire from Barges or APCs.

■ Ignifist 30 ○ Time to equip reduced by 20%.

■ 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon ○ Reload time increased by 30%. ■ Booker Storm Rifle Model 838

○ Max range and max effective range increased.

○ Turning speed increased.

○ Movement speed penalty decreased.

■ "Dusk" ce.III

○ Turning speed increased.

○ Movement speed penalty decreased.

■ Catara mo.II

○ Turning speed increased.

○ Movement speed penalty decreased.

■ Aalto Storm Rifle 24

○ Turning speed increased.

○ Movement speed penalty decreased.

■ Clancy Cinder M3

○ Stability gain rate decreased.

○ Maximum range increased.

○ Fire rate increased.

■ KRR2-790 Omen

○ Stability gain rate decreased.

○ Maximum range increased.

Gameplay Changes.

■ Sandbags, Wall (Tier 1), and Firepit build sites are now destroyed when rammed. ■ Keeps' and Outposts' interior are now warm environments.

■ Trench and Bunker build sites can now be demolished by the original builder.

■ Hammer built build sites can now be demolished by the original builder.

■ Demolition can be performed by the original builder without reserving the structure first.

■ Bunker Garrison defences will now leave a bunker husk of equivalent tier when destroyed.

■ Bunker Ramps no longer reduce the repair cost of bunkers.

■ Players can now vault out of craters being filled in with a shovel.

■ Packaging and unpackaging can now be cancelled with player movement like assembly can.

■ Passive Squad members can now lock and unlock squad claimed vehicles.

■ Passive Squad members now contribute to the required number of members to reserve a Storm Cannon, Intelligence Center, or Ammo Room.

■ Contested borders can no longer be prevented indefinitely by deliberately ignoring a factions last main spawn point.

■ Trench and Bunker husks will slow most vehicles attempting to cross over them.

■ Tripods can now be deployed in trench barbed wire.

Map Changes.

■ Additional environmental set pieces have been added.

Other Changes.

■ Regional chat tab added to the chat window.

■ All Light Tank variants have been reduced in size by about 10%.

■ S shaped bunkers are no longer eligible for Storm Cannon or Intelligence Center construction. ■ Engineering Center information tooltip no longer mentions researching higher research levels. ■ Crane hook rotation controls are now communicated to users operating a deployed crane.

■ Bunker Ramps can now be built or upgraded by hammering the open space the structure occupies.

■ The following Code of Conduct rule has been updated. The new addition has been underlined.

○ Do not exploit bugs, modify the game client, or use external tools to gain an unfair advantage.

○ This rule now encompasses things such as input broadcasting tools.

■ The Code of Conduct has been added to the website here Bandages will now stem bleeding at the end of the animation.

Bug Fixes.

■ Crash when observing a bunker in a bugged state.

■ Regions' war times are not in sync. ■ Weapon ammo count desync between server and client causes a ghost round to occupy the magazine.

■ Held item state desync between server and client causes the player to hold an invisible weapon.

■ Player rotation desync between server and client causes the player to face 90 degrees to their right.

■ An audio deadlock prevents the application from closing on exit.

■ When a Squad Leader is inviting multiple players to his squad only the first player to accept their invite can join.

■ The available squads list is not reset when a war ends.

■ The second player manning the emplaced artillery does not die when it is destroyed.

■ Field Machine Guns will consume two rounds for every one round fired.

■ Player activity logs do not reset at the start of a new war.

■ Weapon impact sounds will play twice when impacting objects.

■ Some bunker types can not be repaired from outside.

■ Concealment is provided to players in trenches when they are adjacent to bushes. ■ Garrison House window's tier 2 wood material is applied to all tiers.

■ Garrison House window's will force the player to walk after leaving the firing position in some locations.

■ Barn Garrison House material will fail to load and show as a glowing yellow during snow storms.

■ The Howitzer Garrison can be constructed into an obstructing vehicle.

■ Bridge approach support pillars at the start of the guard rail have no collision.

■ Cutler Foebreaker has a typo when mounted.

■ A player standing up in a trench can stop a tank driving over them.

■ Environmental assets fail to render to the player at the edge of the players screen.

■ Devitt Mk. III track animation rotates the wrong way.

■ Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II drive wheel animation is not a complete loop.

■ Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II driver vision port has nothing behind it.

■ Engineering Center Wall research options state that walls can be wrenched.

■ APC's rear passenger area can not be entered immediately after building the vehicle.

■ The smoke effect from disabled vehicles flickers when rotating the camera.

■ Neutral Safe Houses at war start may be interacted with a vehicle: allowing access to their stockpile.

SMGs' aiming lines do not accurately communicate the effective range of the weapon.

The Keep is not protected from friendly fire damage

Listening Kits may be buried in trenches.

Walls built proximal to a road may become invincible.

Cancelling item assembly after the source container is filled will destroy the item.

Bunker ramps can be constructed adjacent to Storm Cannon build sites.

Mounting an Emplacement will launch an obstructing player into the air.

Trench connectors can be connected to a reserved structure.

Map Bug Fixes.

■ Fisherman's Row: A terrain spike is present near the border of Oarbreaker Isles.

■ Callahan's Passage: A rock west of Solas Gorge has no collision.

■ Deadlands: A fence is floating south of Sun's Hollow. ■ Deadlands: A rock has no collision adjacent to the border of Callahan's Passage. ■ Deadlands: There is a hole the players can fall into adjacent to the bridge west of Brine Glen.

■ Deadlands: The players can get stuck in the rocks south of Brine Glen.

■ Drowned Vale: A pile of logs will get the player stuck in The Baths.

■ Acrithia: Terrain flickering near the border of Kalokai

■ Endless Shore: Floating pottery at Saltbrook Channel Seaport. ■ Endless Shore: The players walk under the terrain north of Brackish Point at the map edge.

■ Tempest Island: Floating barrels west of Alchimio Estate ■ Umbral Wildwood: A tree is floating south of Stray.

■ Reaching Trail: A stump is floating north of Fort Mac Conaill.

■ Reaching Trail: Dwyerstown emplacement house is blocked by a tree.

■ Reaching Trail: Terrain is forming hard edges along the border with The Moors.

■ Godcrofts: The rocks north of Skodio have a spot players can get stuck in.

■ Westgate: Vine ladder in The Gallows kicks you off at the top. ■ Westgate: In Longstone the Refinery and the Factory are overlapping.

■ Terminus: Terrain flickering along most of the border with Shackled Chasm.

■ Callum's Cape: A chimney adjacent to an eastern Safe House is blocking access to a bicycle.

Warden Home Region: Colonial emblem is present on some banners.


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