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Update 47 Dev Branch Released

Updated: May 27, 2022


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the TESTING NOTES below to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing OR broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "devbranch -".

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files...".

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top right corner of the screen


  • Please post any bug reports or feedback to the devbranch-bugs channel on Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!

Release Notes

IMPORTANT: The following release notes are preliminary and in draft form. Some features/changes will change or be omitted before final release.

New Content

Cinematic Camera Mode ○ This new camera mode can be entered by holding ctrl and scrolling with the mouse wheel. Zoom in to get up and personal with cinematic camera angles. Once combat begins and you aim with the right mouse button you will be automatically returned to the tactical camera.

T8 "Gemini"

○ Class: Armoured Car

○ Faction: Colonial

Fitted with twin RPG launchers, the T8 employs hit-and-run assaults against enemy structures and emplacements. O'Brien V.113 Gravekeeper

○ Class: Armoured Car

○ Faction: Warden

A slight variation of the V. 110, the Gravekeeper comes fitted with an embedded bonesaw launcher, transforming the humble armoured car into an effective indirect anti-armour vehicle.

Four New Tripod Weapons

○ Malone Ratcatcher Mk.1

○ Class: Mounted Machine Gun

○ Faction: Warden

○ Early iterations of this machine gun were built to be emplaced in the bunkers and on the decks of lightly armed warships, the Ratcatcher is Harvey Malone's first freely mountable infantry weapon designed for field use. Just like its predecessors, this heavy weapon suppresses enemy soldiers with unmatched efficiency.

○ Lamentum mm.IV

○ Class: Mounted Machine Gun

○ Faction: Colonial

○ Build on the bones of the first automatic weapons introduced to the Legion, the "Lamentum" mm.IV is still quite an intimidating force to encounter on the battlefield. Boasting a large magazine and impressive active range, this mounted machine gun excels at laying down consistent suppressive five.

○ Cutler Foebreaker

○ Class: Mounted RPG Launcher

○ Faction: Warden

○ This unique dual barreled RPG launcher can fire two RPG shells in relative quick succession. This increase in firepower makes it nearly impossible for a single soldier to operate without the support of a sturdy mount.

○ "Typhon" ra.VII

○ Class: Mounted Anti-Tank Rifle

○ Faction: Colonial

○ This mounted anti-tank rifle boasts improved accuracy over its free-standing counterparts. The Typhon was specifically designed with shock absorption in mind, allowing for faster, more consistent firing patterns.

New Universal Halftrack Mount Points ○ The Colonial Javelin, Hoplite, and Warden Niska half-track variants may now have their weapon cycled out for any tripod mountable weapon that suits the situation. Additionally the rear passenger area has been expanded to accommodate four passengers.

Ahti Model 2

○ Class: Pistol

○ Faction: Warden

Standard issue Warden pistol. Designed by a Nevish gunsmith, the Ahti Model 2 is a reliable sidearm that any soldier should feel proud to carry.

Field Bridges

○ An extendible platform of metal that can be built over, and onto, the water. The Field Bridge's main battlefield role is to cross difficult terrain and give infantry greater flexibility. Their rapid deployment comes at a cost of structural stability, exercise caution if attempting to cross with a vehicle that exceed the bridge's weight tolerances.

Trenches and Bunkers Husk Improvements

○ Destroyed trenches and bunkers are no longer rendered irrelevant on the battlefield upon destruction. These destroyed structures retain their shape, to a degree, allowing infantry to take cover and exploit the original bunker layout.

○ Visually the bunker and trench husk assets have also been updated for greater variety between destroyed sections.

Copper and Tech Tree Changes.

○ A new technology resource acquired by mining salvage with a harvester. With the same base mechanics as iron and aluminum: this resource is used to research end tier vehicle options.

○ The vehicle tech tree is now split between early vehicles (iron) and late tech tree vehicles (copper). The spawn rates of these resources will change based on the phase of the war. ○ Overall tech drop rates have been balanced to accommodate for the addition of Copper and Prototype changes.

New Binoculars

○ The binoculars asset has been updated.

Player Activity Logs

○ By interacting with players through the player list or by alt clicking on them an activity log report may be viewed. The information provided will be based on that players contribution for the current war and includes the following statistics.

○ Enemy and friendly player damage. ○ Enemy and friendly structure and vehicle damage.

○ Construction total.

○ Repair total.

○ Healing total.

○ Revival total.

○ Number of your faction variant vehicles captured by the enemy.

○ Materials gathered.

○ Materials refined.

○ Supplies delivered.

Gameplay Changes

■ Packaged vehicles can no longer be used as a platform for tripods or players.

■ Firepits can now be constructed on bridges.

■ Shipping Containers and Resource Containers can be stacked again.

■ Expected structural integrity is shown when browsing upgrades for a bunker or adding bunker pieces to an existing bunker island.

■ Stockpiling the Seaport or Storage Depot in towns that are not logistics hubs will create a stockpile notification allowing for commendations to be provided.

■ Craters appear more frequently and with a more organic, less checkerboard, distribution.

■ Craters can now be filled in with the Shovel.

■ Damaged trenches can now be filled in with the shovel without needing to repair them first.

■ All vehicles can now open gates from the driver seat.

■ Prototype changes.

○ Prototype vehicles now cost 100 basic materials to manufacture with a Prototype Kit.

○ Prototype vehicles are now made at the Garage and Shipyard.

○ Prototype vehicles chance to be penetrated increased.

○ Prototype vehicles can now be repaired.

○ Prototype vehicles repair cost set at 2x stock vehicles cost.

■ Bunker and Trench modifications cost changed from basic materials to their respective large materials.

Game Balance

■ Upgrade changes.

○ Town Base Industry upgrade time required to unlock increased significantly.

○ Town Base Occupied Town upgrade time required to unlock decreased significantly.

○ Town Base Fortifications upgrade time required to unlock decreased significantly.

○ Bunker Base Rifle Garrison and Machine Gun Garrison upgrades combined into a single upgrade.

■ Artillery changes.

○ Gunboat artillery accuracy increased.

○ Mortar accuracy decreased.

○ Mortar crate shell size decreased.

○ Mortar damage decreased.

■ Storm Cannon and Intelligence Center changes.

○ Concrete settling time increased to two days.

○ Storm Cannons and Intelligence Centers are always visible on the map to both teams with a new unique map icon for both structures.

○ Storm Cannon damage type changed from Demolition to High Explosive and damage dealt per shell increased to compensate.

■ Construction vehicles can no longer operate from a barge deck.

■ Niska MK. II Blinder front ballistic shield collision improved to protect gunner.

■ Garrison Houses will now fire upon enemy build sites.

■ Freighter cost doubled.

■ Seaport vehicle capacity increased to 1000 in the public stockpile.

■ Seaport vehicle crate capacity increased to 100 in the public stockpile.

■ 40mm, 68mm, RPGammo explosive radius reduced to mitigate infantry sniping.

Map Changes

■ Numerous rocks removed from river banks to allow for Field Bridge construction.

■ Great March topography updated to allow for bunker base construction. Road routes into region realigned from Heartlands.

■ More resource mines.

Other Changes

■ Factory economy production times and resource field respawn rates scale with world population.

■ Camera return speed accelerated when lowering the binoculars.

■ Player stencil is no longer shown for players inside vehicles.

■ Faction select screen will now warn the player that their choice will be permanent for the duration of the current war.

■ Barbed Wire player walking animation updated.

■ Wreckage now sorts directly into basic and refined materials.

■ Profanity filter is now an optional toggle in the chat window settings.

■ Submit to stockpile action can now be performed on reservable crates.

■ Observation bunker faction flag made visible when inside the bunker.

■ New upgrade icons for machine gun garrison, engine room, and ladder upgrades.

■ Items will now auto stack instead of being dropped on the ground when changing to a uniform that accommodates the items in your inventory.

■ Structure suppression flag flickering contrast increased making suppression of enemy structures easier to observe.

■ Structure damage can now be observed on concrete trench roofs.

■ Players can now be reported for intelligence leaks. There is a chance they may be restricted to secure map mode as a result.

■ Secure map mode will no longer show enemy structures flashing from listening kits and intelligence centers.

■ Build site AI range preview will turn red when the build site is ineligible.

■ Server optimizations.

■ New in-game player report tools

○ Full text player reports can now be submitted from the F1 player list

○ Enemy players encountered during gameplay can also be reported via the Support button on the ESC menu

○ Users may receive an in-game response to reports submitted in this manner (this feature is work-in-progress and will come into effect over time)

Bug Fixes

■ Players can get stuck as the last player in a squad.

■ Screen resolution to 1600 x 900 after region travel.

■ Traveling between regions on a river can potentially spawn your vehicle on top of another vehicle.

■ 30mm Ixion Tankette does not smoke when disabled.

■ Barn Garrison House window allows for 360 degree angle of fire.

■ Border Bases can be generated precariously over cliffs.

■ Colonial female characters carry incapacitated players too high on their shoulder.

■ Players using binoculars can be observed hovering eerily in mid air.

■ Ground textures are painted onto the Intelligence Center central console.

■ Critically wounded soldiers do not remain on the players shoulders when dropping off a ledge.

■ Machine Gun Tankette is labelled as an armoured car at its point of production.

■ Submitting your vehicle while assembling crates allows you to exceed your weight limitations.

■ Players can sprint while crouched.

■ Emplaced weapons can be mounted through walls.

■ Ballista commander hatch texture stretches when opening.

■ Abandoned vehicles on barge decks are left floating once the barge despawns from inactivity.

■ Critically Wounded Soldiers can be picked up by vehicle passengers.

■ Resource field nodes can spawn inside bunkers and trenches; resource field no build area is too small.

■ Refinery orders can be partially cancelled leaving an insufficient quantity to complete an output item.

■ Destroyed church roof doesn't disappear.

■ Commanders can freeze to death with the hatch closed if their vehicle region travels into a snow storm.

■ Firing ports can be used to bypass barbed wire.

■ Hiding in certain bushes does not show the concealment status icon even if the player is concealed.

■ Howitzer Garrison displays "Press E to use." ■ Barbed Wire can be built on the lower wet sand of beaches.

■ Mining Wreckage with a sledgehammer does not yield more than one Wreckage per hit.

■ Bunker Firing Ports do not provide cover.

■ Bunker spotlights extend garrison max range beyond daytime max at dusk and dawn.

■ On rolling hills AI will sometimes fail to target the enemy.

■ Retrieving a Mass Production Factory order into a shipping container with insufficient capacity will destroy the excess crates.

■ Mortar shot deviation contrary to wind direction when firing towards non cardinal directions.

■ Ammo rooms can not be constructed from outside.

■ Item description typo for weapons that can devastate garrison houses.

■ Player corpses are considered live by map intelligence.

■ Claim Bunker Bases action has no name in the Shift E interaction menu.

■ Assembled reservable assets are not detected as reservable immediately after assembly.

■ Trenches can be dug on seaports.

■ The area immediately in front of Bunker Bases can block grenade throws.

Map Bugs

■ Multiple maps: Reduced terrain flickering along borders.

■ Oarbreaker Isles: Cliff has no collision on the border with Farranac Coast.

■ Oarbreaker Isles: Tree in the road North of Gold

■ Oarbreaker Isles: Gap in the terrain by the shipyards of Reliqua

■ Fisherman's Row: Terrain hole in Eidolo

■ Fisherman's Row: Player can get themself stuck East of Ocean Watch.

■ Fisherman's Row: Eidolo West safehouse is outside of garrison range.

■ Acrithia: Heir Apparent road does not block construction.

■ Acrithia: Patridia seaport will freeze in during a snow storm.

■ Ash Fields: Ashtown truck hobbling ditch at Seaport ■ Ash Fields: Road has no collison in Cometa region zone.

■ Allod's Bight: Player gets stuck next to the bridge leaving Mercy's Wail

■ Allod's Bight: Mercy's Wail Seaport is outside garrison range.

■ Great March: Bushes on road.

■ Speaking Woods: Stump on road South West of The Filament

■ Umbral Wildwood: Players can swim in the air South of Sentry near the map border.

■ Origin: A number of locations the players can wedge themselves and become permanently stuck.

■ Drowned Vale: Coaldrifter Stead resource mines interaction area overlaps.

■ Farranac Coast: Jade Cove coastal gun is outside garrison range.

■ Endless Shores: Saltbrook channel coastal gun is outside garrison range.

■ Farranac Coast: Pleading wharf road does not block construction.

■ Callum's Cape: Tree on road South East of Lookout.

■ Viper Pit: Player can get stuck between a stone wall and a garrison house in Kirknell

■ Howl County: Tree in the river.

■ Red River: Mountain in the North West can be walked inside.

Basin Sionnach: Seaport is outside of garrison range.


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