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Update 40 Dev Branch Released

Updated: May 27, 2022


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the TESTING NOTES below to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing OR broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "devbranch -".

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files...".

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top left corner of the screen


  • Please post any bug reports or feedback to the devbranch-bugs channel on Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!

Release Notes

IMPORTANT: The following release notes are preliminary and in draft form. Some features/changes will change or be omitted before final release.

New Content

New Vehicle: Balfour Falconer 250mm

○ Class: Field Weapon

A heavy mobile mortar platform fitted with a thick frontal shield for assaulting fortified locations

New Vehicle: H-10 “Pelekys”

○ Class: Light Tank

The “Pelekys” H-class light tank is heavily modified with an open top chassis and equipped with a devastating long-range anti-tank cannon

New World Structure: Border Base

○ A special base that spawns near Frontier borders

○ Designed to help an invading force gain a foothold into a region

○ Are built automatically by any player that uses it

○ Include starter equipment (which varies depending on global population)

Designed to reduce the impact of "border lockdown" on queue sizes

Expanded Win Condition

■ War Achievements

○ Faction wide goals that can influence the final outcome of the war

○ War Achievements are displayed on Map Screen and on War Monuments

○ There are currently 9 faction wide War Achievements available

■ There are now up to 8 Win Conditions instead of 2

Crushing Defeat - Your faction has no War Achievements

Defeat - Your faction has 1 or more War Achievements

Close Defeat - Your faction has 3 or more War Achievements

Valiant Defeat - Your faction has 6 or more War Achievements

Pyrrhic Victory - Enemy has 6 or more War Achievements

Close Victory - Enemy has 3 or more War Achievements

Victory - Enemy has 1 or more War Achievements

Decisive Victory - Enemy has no War Achievements

Gameplay Changes

■ Overhauled AI Suppression system

○ AI structure flags now flash when they are suppressed

○ AI structures remain suppressed for longer

○ Suppression capability of all weapons have been rebalanced

○ Suppression resistance of all structures have been rebalanced

○ Players mounted in Suppressed structures can't fire their weapon

■ Structure damage model

○ Structures are now immune to Small Arms

○ Build sites remain vulnerable to Small Arms damage

12.7mm/14.5mm can still damage Tier 1 structures (Foxholes, Watch Towers, T1 Bases, etc)

Unique SFX is played when 12.7mm/14.5mm weapons damage a structure

■ Border travel invincibility now has a cooldown so players will still be vulnerable to damage when border travelling in quick succession

■ Players in the Gunner position of open top vehicles now gain 25% more sight range

■ Deployment Points (Garrison Size) at Town/Relic Bases in friendly starter region will always grow to a minimum size, even when no players have their spawn point set

■ Frontier Borders

○ Map intelligence and attack alerts are disabled near Frontier Borders

○ Frontier Borders now appears as red on the map

■ All vehicles except Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Field Weapon classes can now run over fences

Game Balance

HH-d “Peltast” cost increased from 45 to 55 Refined Materials

■ Structures are no longer buildable on roads (except for Tank Traps and Gates)

■ Gates now require a Construction Vehicle to build and upgrade

■ Mortar Shell Armour Piercing removed from the game

■ Storm Rifle cost changed from 20 Refined Materials to 165 Basic Materials per crate

■ Storm Rifle crate size reduced from 20 to 10

■ LMG now cost changed from 20 Refined Materials to 165 Basic Materials per crate

■ LMG crate size reduced reduced from 20 to 10

■ 7.92 Crate size reduced from 40 to 30

■ 12.7mm damage has been unified across all weapons

○ Average damage has decreased by 5-10%

■ 14.5mm damage has been unified across all weapons

○ Average damage has increased by 5-10%

■ 12.7mm and 14.5mm are no longer stackable

■ 12.7mm and 14.5mm ammo deal ~13% more damage to Shippable structures (e.g. Emplaced Weapons)

■ Foxhole

○ Health has been reduced by 30%

○ Explosive mitigation reduced

○ Can be destroyed by 2 HE Grenades now instead of 3

■ High Explosive Grenade

○ No longer requires tech

○ Basic Material cost reduced from 180 to 100

○ Explosive Material cost reduced from 40 to 10

○ Crate size increased from 20 to 30

○ Production time reduced

Stockpile retrieve time reduced

○ Damage reduced by 30% (to avoid indirectly buffing infantry anti-tank capability)

Starter bases now include 100 HE Grenades

■ Garrison Camp (T1 Town Hall) health increased by 60%

■ All Colonial Light Tank variant health increased by 2%

Other Changes

■ New server optimizations

○ Maximum player capacity per region increased to 200

■ Comms Rating

○ The system is designed to encourage quality and relevant use of communication tools

○ Players will now have a rating associated with their profile, which is influenced by player reports, up/down voting, and other factors

○ Players with a low rating will have limited World Chat, Sign Posts, and Map Post capability

■ Input hints now properly reflected remapped keys

■ Player Profile screen has been removed

○ NOTE: Profiles are undergoing a redesign and will be back in a future update

Character Appearance options can now be accessed by using the Barracks structure in the Home Region instead (the structure the player spawns in front of)

■ Monument UI has been redesigned

○ New visual layout that displays War Result and War Achievements

○ Legacy commend leaderboard has been removed

■ The message displayed when a spot in the queue is "reserved" has been updated to reflect the current functionality (player is highly prioritized, but not guaranteed to get back in at all times)

Bug Fixes ■ Players sometimes are exited to the main menu when border travelling with the message Faction limit exceeded

■ Reaction fire on Bunker Garrison structures were not working consistently

■ When new inputs are added to the game, existing key mappings become disabled

■ After a server restart, in rare cases Structures/Structure Crates can't be submitted to stockpiles

■ Storm Cannon shots can deflect off Tank Armour

■ T5 “Percutio” shots sometimes don't register under poor networking conditions

■ Field Weapon & Bicycle UI informs users to refuel even though they don't use fuel

■ Character state desyncs and input is lost in some cases when using binoculars when in vehicles

■ Enemy structures can be repaired

■ Structures can no longer be built underneath structures like docks

■ Petrol sometimes isn't transferred to the public stockpile at the Refinery after expiry

■ Grenade weapons can sometimes collide with the area in front of Bunker Bases

■ Roofs do not become visible again on houses if the player exits by mounting a vehicle

■ Rocket Site help tooltip contains outdated information, referencing "Upgrade Parts"

■ A Shipping/Resource container can be placed on a barge with a Crane already on it

■ Unintentional shadows flickering occurs at certain parts of the day/night cycle

■ Crane arm can be climbed to get to higher elevation

■ If a Shipping Container is packaged while another player is withdrawing from it, the item being retrieved is destroyed

■ Storm Rifle audibly shoots twice instead 1 in Single Shot mode

■ A notification "Something went wrong" is sometimes shown when trying to submit order at Mass Production factory

■ Map Bugs

Farranac Coast: Bone Haft has floating rocks and bushes

Oarbreaker: Flatbeds keep dropping off of the bridge near Conclave


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