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Update 34 Release Notes

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Release Notes


Bug Fixes

■ Civic Center was showing as 50 Upgrade Parts required when it should be 10

■ Shipping Containers would sometimes show the incorrect number of Squad Storable Crates

Initial Release

IMPORTANT: The following release notes are preliminary and in draft form. Some features/changes will change or be omitted before final release.

New Content

■ New Modular Structure: Bunker Base

○ A Forward Operating Base that's built directly into a Bunker network

○ Provides Infrastructure for nearby connected Bunker and Trench segments

■ New Modular Structure: Bunker Ramp

A ramp that enables access to underground Bunkers

■ New Bunker Modifications: Infrastructure Modifications (See Infrastructure System for details)

Infrastructure Mods are used to decorate and "tech up" your Bunker Bases

Infrastructure Mods can be removed only by the builder of the attached Bunker

Garrison Infrastructure Mods

• Bunks

• Lockers

• Dish Wash Station

• Latrine

• Kitchen

• Pantry

Command Infrastructure Mods

• Workstation

• Computer Module

• Radio Station

• Chalk Board

• Strategic Map

■ New Structure: Buildable Sign Post

Allows players to leave messages behind in the world

Sign Posts can be up/down voted, which will increase/decrease their lifespans

The distance at which sign post messages appear is configurable in the Options menu

New Features

Infrastructure System

Bunker Bases have their own mini "tech" progression called Infrastructure that determines what Mods are available for nearby connected Bunker segments

There are two types of Infrastructure progressions, Garrison and Command

• Infrastructure progresses at a rate that scales up with the number of nearby, connected Infrastructure Mods (at a diminishing rate)

• E.g. Building Bunks and Lockers will speed up Garrison Infrastructure progression

Bunker Upgrades that are unlocked by Infrastructure are shown on Base map tooltips

Bunker Upgrades that require Infrastructure no longer depend on the Tech Tree

Region Zone Tooltips

Hovering over a region in the world map now shows information about that region

○ Facility Efficiency details are shown

Revamped Lore System

New user interface for displaying Lore that supports better formatting

Lore can now include sound and/or additional visuals

Lore content has been refreshed in many cases

Experimental Features


Squad Storage

Enables Squads to securely store Crates/Vehicles at Storage Depots

Capacity limited to 50 Crates / 3 Vehicles per Squad Member per Storage Depot

Squad Storage contents are transferred back to the public stockpile after ~50h

Submitting additional contents to Squad Storage at any time will extend storage time

Only Crates/Vehicles marked as Squad Storable can be submitted to Squad Storage

• Newly produced Crates from Personal/Squad Factory orders are Squad Storable

• Newly built Vehicle are Squad Storable

• Crates/Vehicles submitted to a public stockpile are no longer Squad Storable

Squad stockpiles are shown in the map tooltip separate from the public stockpile

○ Squad stockpiles can be released to the public stockpile with an action button

Gameplay Changes

■ Bunker Garrisons (AI) no longer require power from Engine Rooms to activate

■ Facility Efficiency Changes

Facility Efficiency replenishment points occur 33% more frequently than before

Facility Efficiency replenishment points now occur at random instead of fixed times

■ Changes to support Squad Storage feature

Refinery orders can now be right clicked to access a context menu with the following:

Retrieve as Crates - Retrieves all the resources as Crates

Retrieve as Stacks - Performs the old RMB functionality of retrieving all

Material Crates can now be unpacked into item stacks at the Storage Depot

■ Refinery output is limited to a maximum of 10k Basic Materials or 5k for other Materials

■ Bunker Firing Ports can now be built facing an attached Trench

Map Updates

■ Heartlands

Bulwark (wall across Heartlands) has been completely redesigned

• Complete visual overhaul

• Players can now take up defensive positions along the wall

Game Balance

■ Storage Depots Crate limit increased from 100 to 1000 per Item type

■ Storage Depot Vehicle limit increased from 10 to 100 per Vehicle type

■ Civic Centers Upgrade Part requirement reduced from 50 to 10

Other Changes

■ Character Animations

○ Characters will now play idle animations on rare occasion

○ Various character animations have been updated/fixed

■ Visual and Sound FX

○ Updated structure destruction FX

○ Updated Howitzer firing SFX

○ Updated Pistol and Rifle SFX

○ Updated Storm Rifle SFX

■ Tier 2 Bunker visuals updated

■ New SFX/VFX are played when building a modification

■ Garrison Supply information on the Base screen has been moved to a new widget at the top

■ When attempting to transfer items from a Squad claimed vehicle, the Squad's name is now shown

■ Structure Build menu is now taller, no longer requiring vertical scrolling to see every structure

Bug Fixes

■ Driving over a Trench with a Landing APC can sometimes kill the passengers

■ Equipping certain items take longer than they should

■ Landscape holes are sometimes not removed during a rollover to Resistance/ Conquest

■ Mines on roads do not always appear to vehicles

■ Engine Rooms/Bunker Garrisons can't be placed too close to one another, even if separated by a Trench Connector

■ Trench Connector husks consume Garrison Supplies when they shouldn't

■ Foxholes firing at players can cause suppression through obstacles like walls

■ Visual damage states are not showing when a structure first enters visual range

■ When aiming inside a Bunker with your back against a wall and shooting out through a door, the aim line can get stuck on the wall

■ Tutorial 'Build' sign directs the player to build on an unbuildable surface

■ Relic Bases and Garrison houses no longer fire at Moderators with Moderator tags on

■ Containers on a Bridge float in the air after the bridge is destroyed

■ Map Bugs:

○ Great March: Structures can't be built in certain areas near the river on the west side

○ Deadlands: Bridge to abandoned ward is slightly raised so Motorcycles cannot cross

○ Farranac Coast, Jade Cove: AT turrets can be built floating over water in some areas

○ Oarbreaker: Forward Bases can't be built south of Skelter Course

○ Marban Hollow: There is a small landscape hole near the river in the north

○ Drowned Vale: wooden bridge causing vehicles to get stuck

○ Tempest Island: Rock inside the shipyard at The Iris


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