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Update 32 Release Notes

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Foxhole's biggest update of the year brings trenches, bunkers, a medic expansion, new weapons, and more!


■ Unstuck command - Self serve tool for stuck vehicles/characters

○ Type !unstuck into that chat window to activate

○ Unstuck can only be used a limited number of times per war

○ Unstuck is cancelled if nearby enemy movement, player movement, or other events occurs

■ Flatbed Trucks can run over/destroy Tier 2 Trenches

■ Players can now vault while carrying a Large Item (Critically Wounded Soldier)

■ Trench/Bunker Husks no longer consume Garrison Supplies

- Players can now log out from inside a Relic Base again (removed work around from previous hotfix)

■ Map screen frame rate has been optimized

■ Bug fixes

○ Frame rate stutter caused by long Squad list

○ Bunkers can no longer be partially placed on roads by rotating the structure

○ Players still getting stuck when spawning at Relic Bunkers

○ Concrete Materials can’t be pulled from a Concrete Mixer used by the other faction

○ Tier 3 Trenches decay too quickly (once decay starts)

○ Engine Room build site occassionally can cause holes in the landscape that players can fall through

○ Input is stuck and HUD is hidden on rare occassion after border travelling

○ Walls can no longer be built overlapping a Gate

○ Trenches that have a diasbled bridge (due to T-connected trench) can't be run over

○ Sledge Hammer can switch to Upgrade Mode when it shouldn't be able to

○ Map callouts wouldn't work when used over a Trench/Bunker

○ Tutorial images are showing incorrect map images in the Home Region


Trenches & Bunkers no longer harm nearby vehicles when they are destroyed

Forward Bases built in Frontier zones can now be deployed at from the Home Region

This is to reduce border lockdown and further decrease average queue sizes

Home Region map now defaults to a zoom level that allows you to read all the area texts

Message added directing new players to open their map in the Home Region

Fixed one more bug that causes players to get stuck when spawning at Relic Bases

There may be more cases of this bug so please report if you encounter it again

Fixed bug that prevented players from replacing a previously destroyed Trench/Fort that was in between other Forts/Trenches

Fixed but that sometimes prevented a Trench from being snapped to the side of another Trench

Fixed bug that allowed Trenches/Forts to be placed in terrain that would result in small holes at the edges of the Trench/Fort

Fixed bug that caused gates to degrade server performacne

Fixed bug that caused AT Garrisons to be blocked by low structures like Sandbags

Fixed bug that caused pipes to be visible when using Binoculars under rare circumstances


■ Trenches and Bunkers can no longer be built near vehicle bridges

■ Broken animation when picking up Critically Wounded Soldier has been removed


■ Destroyed Trench/Bunkers leaving behind holes in the landscape, which players can fall through

■ Players getting stuck when spawning inside crowded Relic Bases

■ Players unable to vault out of Trench build sites - Squad list is now properly sorted between private/public Squads

Initial Release Notes

Trench & Bunker System

■ All new modular base building system has been added to the game!

■ New Item: Shovel

○ Use the shovel to dig under the landscape to produce trenches and bunkers

■ New Modular Structure: Rifle Garrison (Tiers 1-3)

○ An entrenched bunker manned by stationed troops armed with Rifles

■ New Modular Structure: AT Gun Garrison (Tiers 2-3)

○ An entrenched AT gun manned by stationed troops

■ New Modular Structure: Engine Room (Tier 3)

○ A engineering facility that provides power to Bunker structures using pipe connections

■ New Modular Structure: Storm Cannon (Tier 3)

○ An extreme range artillery capable of firing up to 750m away ○ Large aim deviation, but massive firepower

○ Requires Loading Chamber Facility

○ Requires multiple connected Engine Rooms to power

■ New Modification:

○ Trench Bridge - Allows vehicles to cross over this Trench

○ Trench Barbed Wire - Slows down enemy infantry invading this Trench

○ Underground Pipes - Provides power connections from Engine Rooms to Upgrades

○ Bunker Doorway - Provides entry to this Bunker

○ Bunker Firing Port - Allows infantry weapons to be fired from the safety of this Bunker

■ Bunker & Trench Mechanics

○ Bunker segments can be connected to form Bunkers of different shapes and sizes

○ Connected segments share one big health pool

○ Bunkers trade size for structural integrity that affects the overall durability of your creations

○ Upgrade your base through 3 tiers.

• Tier 1 is produced with no cost of resources, but must be dug out with the shovel.

• Any number of players can dig a single build site in parallel to get it done faster.

• Tier 3 is very tough, but requires time for your concrete to 'settle'

○ Hold ALT to view pipes networks installed underneath Bunkers & Trench networks

Medic Expansion

■ New Vehicle: Ambulance

Used for transporting Critically Wounded Soldiers from the frontline to the Hospital or Field Hospital.

Stacks all medical equipment and supplies

■ New Structure: Hospital

When a player dies, there is a chance their body will convert to a Critically Wounded Soldier

Critically Wounded Soldiers can be placed into an Ambulance and delivered to a Hospital or Field Hospital in exchange for Soldier Supplies

Critically Wounded Soldiers delivered from the front can be recovered into Soldier Supplies

Provides 50 beds for recovering soldiers

■ New Structure: Field Hospital

Same as the Hospital, except buildable by players anywhere in the world

Provides 6 beds for recovering soldiers

■ New Item: Blood Plasma

○ New resource required to revive wounded players

○ Stackable in Ambulance only

Other New Content

■ New Weapon: Light Machine Gun

Can be fired while standing

Less Accuracy and smaller clip vs other Machine-Guns

■ New Weapon: Machine Gun

A refresh of the old Heavy Machine Gun

○ New visuals and SFX

■ New Shippable Structure: Concrete Mixer

○ Used to refine raw Components into Concrete for construction of high-level defences.

○ Constructed at the Construction Yard

○ Delivered and deployed via flatbed truck and crane ■ New Wall Construction Set

○ All walls and gates have been redesigned with new visuals and snapping capability

○ Sandbag walls now have curved variants

New Features

■ New Large Item Class

○ Special items that must be carried over the player's shoulder

■ First-Aid kits, Grenades, Satchel Charges, and other equipped items are now visible on the character, making the usage of these items identifiable on the battlefield

■ The Home Regions have been redesigned with new visuals and layouts

More training areas for you to rehearse your operations, plan your fortresses, or practice your abilities.

Clearer tutorial signage and updated tool-tips for better new player experience

More areas to deploy to the war so you can avoid the crowds (but not the queue!)

■ The Wounded Player countdown timer has been increased to 30 seconds

Wounded Players can now press E to 'give up' after 10 seconds

■ Many weapons have redesigned SFX and VFX, including the SMG and MG

■ Relic Base

○ Old Bunkers left behind from past wars that act as world bases outside of towns

○ Provides all normal Base facilities and built in AI defenses and cover mounts

■ Suppression of AI defences now works

○ Shooting at AI defences suppresses them, which reduces their rate of fire

○ Structures have different thresholds for suppression

Gameplay Changes

■ Squad window can now be minimized

○ Squads are now sorted by online/offline status and online player count ○ Count shown beside Squad now reflects online players only

○ Offline Squads are now grayed out ○ Offline Squad members can now be kicked

○ Offline Squad leaders can now be reassigned

■ The production speed of all Resource Mines now scales up with player population

■ Hammer now has an alternate fire mode (Press 'F') that is required to upgrade structures

○ Upgrade Mode also displays statistics for targeted structures like Health, Faction, etc

○ Upgrade Mode shows the original builder of a structure

■ Holding down the ALT key know reveals underground pipe networks

■ Barbed Wire collision has been changed so that slow movement is more consistent ■ Repairing any structure now takes Basic Materials (cost scales based on materials required to build structure)

■ First-Aid Kits now require bandages to be used as ammunition to heal

○ Bandages can still be used without a First-Aid Kit

○ Bandages have been made lighter by 90%, and their crate size increased to 80

■ Many maps have been altered to open up more viable building areas for Trenches/Bunkers

○ Significant changes in Sickle Hill (Farranac Coast) and Umbral Wildwood.

Game Balance

■ Component and Sulfur fields now spawn every ~6 hours instead of ~8, resulting in a 33% increase in resources overall

■ Sunken Pillboxes and Bunkers (Tier 4 walls) have been removed from the game

■ Light Tanks health increased by 20%, and their Petrol consumption rate reduced by 15%

■ Battle Tanks health increased by 10%.

■ Gun Nests damage mitigation against small arms & explosives significantly reduced

■ Gun Nest health increased slightly

■ Shotguns range reduced by 50%

■ Revolvers range reduced by 30%

■ Satchel Charge damage has been increased by 25%

■ Empty Trucks now travel 20% faster than Trucks that have a full inventory.

■ View distance for small arms and grenade weapons have been increased (consistent with the Rifle)

○ Sniper Rifle is the exception

■ Rifle range has been reduced by 10%

■ Carbine range has been reduced by 7% ■ Storm Rifle range single shot mode has been reduced by 7%

■ Green Ash Howtizer Shells have been removed from the game for now

■ Armoured Cars can only run over light and not heavy structures

Other Changes

■ New lore has been added to the game. Happy Hunting!

■ Improved interior lighting for some structures

■ Rendering performance drastically when playing near a region border

Bug Fixes

■ Textures under trees flicker under certain circumstances

■ Aim line sometimes indicates a clear shot when in fact the shot is blocked

■ Firing at certain walls when a player is on the other side produces blood visuals

■ Client can crash on rare occasion after border travelling

■ Shrapnel Mortar Shell inconsistently hit infantry near impact point

■ Mortar Shell can be duplicated using the Emplacement House

■ Resources can be lost at the Refinery if transferring to a full vehicle using right click

1 Comment

Dec 12, 2019

After I asked to the foxhole devs via the feedback site for the following feature requests:

- The possiblity to carry wounded soldiers

- To create trenches with a shovel that doesn't cost any recources and

- to be able to customize the squad panel on the right that was really annoying

I thought nothing special and that my request would be ignored like in 90% of games nowadays. But I would've never thought that anything would be implemented and especially not so fast (about 2 months after the mail).

Foxhole has the best community ever thank you guys and hope you didnt have too much crunch time.


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