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Update 28 Release Notes

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Release Notes


■ Bug fix: Spectator camera is now usable at night (light surrounds target)

■ Bug fix: Heavy Machine Gun can now be mounted on Sandbag walls again ■ Bug fix: Amount of resources remaining at a field is not longer misreported in some cases

■ Bug fix: Server lag issue has been resolved

Initial Release

New Content

■ Harvester

○ A heavy mining vehicle that can be used by teams to gather resources more effectively. It can also be used to cleanup battlefields after a conflict.

○ Has three functions:

• Gather (LMB) - Gathers resources and places them in the Harvester's inventory

• Dismantle (LMB) - Dismantles most defensive structures and recycles them into Salvage

• Splitting (RMB) - Breaks down resource nodes into smaller pieces so that more players can simultaneously mine a resource field at maximum efficiency

New Features

■ Spectator Mode for spawn screen

○ Players can now spectate friendly players or their spawn point location when they are waiting to spawn

○ Only friendly players within 50m of their death location can be spectated

○ There is a time limit on how long spectating is available for ○ Spawn screen UI has been redesigned

■ Improved intelligence

○ Players will now received an alert when a friendly structure is damaged past a certain threshold

• Alerts coming from one area of the map will only be shown every so often to prevent spamming

○ Recently attacked friendly structures will appear as orange icons on the world map

Gameplay Changes

■ Godcrofts and Tempest Island map layouts have changed

○ Weathered Expanse and Endless Shore layouts have been adjusted to support this

■ When a Town Hall is destroyed, all players that are assigned to it will have their spawn points migrated to the connected Safe House with the most Soldier Supplies stockpiled

■ A new town has been added to the south east region of Drowned Vale ■ Forts start built in backline regions and near starter towns in contested regions

■ Resource and Shipping Containers can now be directly used by vehicle drivers

■ Players are now invincible for a moment after border travelling to mitigate spawn camping

NOTE: This was mistakenly removed in Update 26 and is now being restored

■ Players in backs of Trucks can now seat switch to the front seats

Game Balance

■ Bunker cost reduced from 75 to 40 Refined Materials

■ Concrete Wall cost reduced from 50 to 20 Refined Materials

■ Bunkers and Concrete Walls repair BMat cost is modified to be higher than their RMat cost to ensure their repair speeds are reasonable

■ RPG cost increased from 20 to 25 Refined Materials

■ RPG reload time increased by 60%

■ 40mm SH shells no longer require HE Materials to produce ■ 40mm SH shell cost increased from 20 to 40 Refined Materials

■ Gunboat Production Part cost has been reduced by 20%

■ Gun Turret cost has been increased by 20%

■ Fuel Truck health increased by 25%

■ Crane health increased by 25% and now takes more damage to become disabled

■ Number of Garrison Supplies per crate increased by 50% (cost per item remains the same)

■ Garrison Houses cost increased from 120 to 150 Basic Materials

■ Freighter has been moved to an earlier location in the Tech Tree

■ Raw resources now retrieve in larger quantities from Refineries

Other Changes

■ Aiming at high ground is vastly improved

○ Aim line no longer gets snagged on low obstacles like Sandbag

○ Shot trajectory on the server now more accurately matches the aim indicator in the client

■ Explosion decal textures have been improved

■ More side diagnostics have been added to help debug client networking issues in the future

■ Player names on Map Posts and replies are now coloured

Bug Fixes

■ Construction Vehicle has no description in the Storage Depot

■ Abnormal FPS drops and client crashes when playing near Salt Farms

■ Players on rare occasion get stuck on the loading screen when border travelling

■ Hard to aim at higher ground when crouching behind a Sandbag

■ Border traveling always shows Foxhole Loading Screen now

■ Howitzer firing sound is not impacted by SFX volume slider

■ Sniper Rifle has small typo in description

■ Killing an FMG Gunner while firing will cause the firing animation to keep going

■ Operation Markers display over Deadlands when viewing State of the War map from the Home Region

■ After destroying a vehicle that's on a barge, travelling with it spawns a burning version of the vehicle

■ Bug reporting screenshot tool sometimes doesn't display map information

■ Various map bugs

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Aug 14, 2019

This will make gathering alot easier!

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