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Update 26 : War Machine Release Date

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

There's a few pieces of news I wanted to share.

Update 26 : War Machine is coming on June 19th and will features a brand new and expanded hexagon based world, a comprehensive revamp of the logistics game, and much much more.

If you missed it, you can catch up on our last devstream, which covers the new logistics revamp.

You can also check out I Saw A Bear's early preview of the new world map coming in Update 26.

Look out for the following dates and events regarding Update 26:

1. Tuesday, June 4th - Devblog : Building A New World Part 3

2. Thursday, June 6th - Update 26 Devbranch release

UPDATE: DevBranch has been postponed to Friday, June 7th

3. Friday, June 7th - Update 26 Discord Roundtable #1

4. Tuesday, June 11th - Final Update 26 Preview

5. Wednesday, June 12th - Update 26 Discord Roundtable #2

UPDATE: Due to our busy schedule, this roundtable has been cancelled

6. Monday, June 17th - Update 26 Test rollout

7. Wednesday, June 19th - Update 26 Official Release & World Conquest Start (11AM EDT)


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