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Update 25 Release Notes

Updated: May 7, 2019

Important Notices For Update 25

1) The next war is starting at 11AM EDT on Thursday, April 25th

2) The requirements for winning the war have been significantly reduced (< 5% the number of upgrade parts that were previously required) so be prepared for a possible change in early game strategy. See release notes below for details.

3) Tempest Island might be unavailable in the next war so any Supply Caches built there might not be available. We hope to address this scenario in future updates.

Release Notes Hotfix

Game Balance

Mortars, HE Grenades, and RPGs are now blacklisted from Supply Caches

When Forward and Town Bases are claimed by the opposing faction, Soldier Supplies are cleared and the stockpile is reduced by 50%

Starter equipment at Port Bases have been reduced (only Basic Materials, Fuel, and Upgrade Parts) - Change will take effect starting War 28

Starter equipment at Town Halls have been reduced (only Rifles, Radios, Wrenches, and Soldier Supplies) - Change will take effect starting War 28 Hotfix

Bug Fixes

■ Players that mount Light Pillboxes are unable to shoot out of them

■ The time of day is sometimes set to a random time

■ Technology from the previous war is sometimes momentarily unlocked after a new Conquest begins

Initial Release

New Content

■ New Relic Vehicle: Staff Car

○ Used by officers to reach the front line quickly and to deliver emergency supplies.

○ 2 seats, 10 Item Slots

○ Hold Sprint key to boost speed (i.e. like the Motorcycle)

■ New Structure: Supply Cache

○ An underground storage bunker used to preserve items for future conflicts.

○ Stores Crates that can persist to the next war

○ 15 slots that can only hold certain crates (not stackable)

○ Are built with Strong Materials are are only available during Resistance Phase

NOTE: Tempest Island may not be available in the next war, so avoid building Supply Caches there

■ New Item: Strong Materials

○ Durable materials that are used to build special structures that can persist to the next war.

○ Are added to the Stockpiles of Town Halls that are claimed from the enemy in Resistance Phase

○ Strong Materials are only added if a Town Hall has been held by an enemy for longer than an hour

Gameplay Changes

■ "Reduced Time" Win Condition (EXPERIMENTAL)

○ Small/Large Garrison Facility Upgrade Part Cost requirement reduced from 50/150 to 15/30 for Town Bases and from 25/50 to 10/20 for Forward Bases

○ Civic Center Facility Upgrade Part Cost requirement reduced from 350 to 20

■ Abandoned Barges that haven't been used in a very long time that aren't near any active players will be removed from the world (to prevent unintended Barge clutter along shores, etc)

■ Uprisings in Resistance Phase have been disabled for now

■ Relic Vehicle Husk spawn rates have been reduced for Buses and Trucks

Other Changes

■ New login experience on the main menu

○ New Lobby Screen

• Integrated player profile

• Basic war statistics are shown

• Redesigned Faction select screen (that only appears once per war now)

• Faction select screen is only shown once per war

■ Vehicle factory visuals have been updated

■ Event browser is no longer available

■ Sunlight visuals have been improved

Bug Fixes

■ Backing into a CV with a Half Track will cause it to move faster

■ L.U.V. collisions are incorrect

■ Concrete bridges have holes in their collisions, resulting in players falling through

■ Nearby Light Pillbox blocks Gun Turret targeting line of sight

■ Metal walls in the Home Region can be shot through

■ Westgate Keep starts destroyed when it should start built

■ Vehicle driver minimap appears distorted on some maps

■ Artillery shell impact disappears when elevation difference is too great

■ Firing at a garrisoned house window mounted by a player will occasionally show blood


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