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Trench Warfare Release Information

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Trench Warfare Test Release

The test build of Trench Warfare is live! This is an early build that we will be testing in Resistance Phase ahead of the full release on Wednesday. It has several known issues and in general will be less stable than the full release. Please report any bugs to the #bug-report channel on the Foxhole Discord.

Known Issues

  • Bug: Gates & Walls can't be built with the Construction vehicle even with Advanced Construction technology unlocked

  • Bug: Bunkers & Trenches without pipes appear as if they do have pies when viewed from far away with Binoculars

  • Bug: Reloading the Storm Cannon is allowed when it's already loaded

  • Bug: Trench Bridge enables road speed for vehicles driving over

  • Bug: Squad lock does not prevent other players from using the Storm Cannon

Release Schedule

We're just days away from Trench Warfare! There's some important information regarding the events that will lead up to the release date on Wed Dec 11th.

1. Test Release - Mon/Tues

Late Monday or early Tuesday we will be rolling out a test build of the update to the live shard (in Resistance Phase) to further shake down bugs and issues. Keep in mind that the test build will not be representative of the final release as further game balance, bug fixes, and other issues will be sorted out before Wednesday.

2. Full Release - Wed @ 10AM EST

The full release of Trench Warfare will roll out Wednesday morning right before World Conquest starts.

3. World Conquest Begins - Wed @ 12PM EST

The first Trench Warfare war will be begin at noon EST on Wednesday! All regions of the world will be open since we are expecting a lot of player traffic over the next few weeks!

4. Hotfix Releases - After Wed

Let's be honest. With a release this big, it's expected that we'll find an issue or two in the days after release. The good news is that we'll be on standby to respond to serious issues and patch the game if necessary. If you find a serious issue, please report it to the bug report channel on Discord and we'll take a look!

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