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Notice of Upcoming Security Changes

There are some important changes that are being made to Foxhole to address ongoing security issues.

1) Effective very soon, Steam Family Sharing support will be disabled on all accounts.

2) In the near future, VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) will be enabled in Foxhole. This will be done without further warning from this point forward. You can read more about VAC here.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT run any sort sort of external programs that may alter the Foxhole client in any way or can be used to gain an advantage in-game. This may result in a sudden VAC ban on your account, which may permanently affect your account across Steam.

As an additional reminder, please read the Code of Conduct carefully. By failing to adhere to the rules, you may risk a ban that may have long lasting effects on your account.

Thank you,



Aug 27, 2020

Why is family steam sharing getting disabled? Kinda annoying cause now I need to get two copies of the same game for my brother.


Aug 25, 2020

I mean thats not gonna stop people is it, plus all the OP machinery and tanks the wardens now have, You kinda screwed collies right in the ass

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