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Foxhole 0.7 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.6 client by switching to the "Update-0.6" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

New Content

  • New Map: Lobby World

  • A training area for new recruits to learn the game, veterans to practice, and all soldiers to hang out

  • Includes a training course (mini tutorial), artillery range, driving course, and more

  • Used as a waiting area in between wars to help with team balance

  • New World Structure: Draw Bridge (2 types)

  • Bridges that can be raised (allow water vehicles to pass through)

  • Visual Character Options

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Surrendering

  • Used to end wars that are in a state where it's near impossible for one team to come back

  • Players can now set a surrender flag (on F1 player screen) under certain conditions (enemy has claimed all Town Halls except one, enough time has passed)

  • If > 70% of players set their surrender flag, then the war ends with a defeat for the surrending faction

  • Water vehicles can now be repaired in water

  • Players can no longer walk on top of Heavy Gate or any wall structures

  • New "No HEs" game modifier that removes High Explosive grenades from the game

Other Changes

  • Landing Dock, Armory, Supply Station, Hospital, Workshop, Shipyard, and Vehicle Factory all now have visual damage states

  • Dialog prompting players to join the server queue has been removed

  • "Join Campaign" button added on Campaign screen (used to enter lobby)

  • HUD nofitication is shown when using the Manufacturing Plant when team balance boost is applied

  • #war-is-starting channel on Discord notifies players when a server has transitioned to a lobby (meaning a war is going to start soon)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Player will no longer be stuck in healing pose when using Medkit

  • Gun Turrets will no longer fire at players when they aren't visible yet to them

  • Barbed Wire and Sandbag Walls can now be repaired

  • Players can now shoot over Storage Boxes and Tunnel Networks

  • Moving the mouse wheel on the Mortar will no longer change the zoom amount on map screen

  • Foliage no longer blocks projectiles

  • Azimuth no longer disappears occasionally when using the Field Artillery

  • Blood FX is no longer visible through smoke

  • Barges are no longer stuck in a bad state after being loaded from a save game

  • Text chat window is no longer cut off in 4:3 aspect ratio

  • Grenades will no longer bounce off of an "invisible barrier" above Scrap nodes

  • Mouse sensitivity will no longer constantly reset to default

  • Players no longer immediately locked to a faction after joining a war (they now get the usual 5 minute grace period)

  • Players no longer see a purple screen when spawning in the wild on Fisherman's Row

  • Fixed various animation and FX issues with mounting Gunboat turrets

  • Driver of vehicle will no longer be charged for team killing if a player from the opposite faction uses a mounted weapon

  • Team killing now counts against Field Artillery users

  • Various map fixes

  • Radio no longer occasionally stops working when driving a Truck (Edit: This is still happening in some cases)

  • Vehicles no longer "float" after exiting the driver's seat (Edit: This is still happening in some cases)

Known Issues

  • Drawbridge basic material cost is 100 instead of 300


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