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Foxhole 0.6 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.5 client by switching to the "Update-0.5" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​ Hotfix Update was released on 11/3/2017 that fixes an issue that causes player characters to move erratically after being hit by vehicles under poor network conditions. Some minor UI changes were also made on the server browser and login screen.

New Content

  • New Vehicle: Gun Boat

  • A combat vessel armed with a forward artillery battery for coastal bombardment and a rear mounted machine for close engagements

  • New Item: Light Artillery Shell

  • Small explosive projectile fired from Gun Boat artillery

  • New Map: Westgate

  • This region features a large vertical coast, a long wall dividing the north and south areas, and a small neutral island to the west

  • New World Structure: Keep

  • A fortified base of operations where players can spawn and stockpile items

  • Exclusively to Westgate

  • New Structure: Refinery (War Games only)

  • Sulfur is converted to Explosives here

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • New Weekly War Games Modifiers:

  • Supply Line - Defensive structures can be built anywhere, but require Garrison Supplies

  • Refinery - Sulfur respawns quickly, but must be processed at a player built Refinery

  • Beach Head - Barges can lower ramp at any location

  • Certain Docks and Shipyards have ladders that allow players to climb out of water

  • Dynamic Resource Yield

  • Faction with 5 or less players than the other side will have higher resource yield (scales up with player count deficit)

  • Hitting players with a truck at low speed results in the character being pushed aside instead of killed

  • Multiple servers can now each run their own campaigns with separate progress

  • Projectiles (e.g. RPG) will now collide with vehicles in a more accurate way, allowing Grenades to be thrown into the backs of Half-Tracks and Landing APCs

  • Players can now unmount from a Half-Track HMG even if it's moving

Game Balance

  • Barge health increased by 33%

  • Barge small explosive damage mitigation increased by 25%

  • Howitzer Tech Level requirement reduced from 4 to 2

  • Howitzer Shell Explosive Material cost reduced from 80 to 40

  • Howitzer Kit Basic Material cost reduced from 250 to 100

  • Sulfur respawn time decreased from 60 to 30 mins

Other Changes

  • Faction specific server queues!!!!!

  • New login flow

  • Campaign map screen is now shown after the player clicks on "Join Server"

  • Faction selection happens before connecting to a server now

  • Faction win history is no longer shown on the server browser screen

  • Winner of last Campaign is shown on the Campaign screen

  • Region is now shown in a separate column in the server browser instead of being part of the server name

  • Landing APC lights now turn on at night

  • Armory model has been refreshed

Major Bug Fixes

  • Direct hits on specific parts of Town Halls no longer result in zero damage being dealt

  • Walking is no longer abnormally slow in shallow areas of Farranac Coast and Endless Shore

  • Vehicle seat switching no longer causes rare server crash (and has been re-enabled)

  • Repairing a structure to full health now resets the decay timer on a structure

  • Half-Track is no longer able to move if passengers are encumbered

  • Upgrading a Foxhole to a Gun Nest and then allowing the build site to expire no longer causes the faction ownership visuals to be desynchronized on the client

  • Map icons for Town Halls are now shown even if only a Build Site exists

  • Drivers of vehicles destroyed by water will no longer be charged with friendly fire

  • Passive defenses will no longer shoot through Landing APCs

  • Field MG can now move over Heavy Gates without issues

  • Various map fixes

Known Issues

  • Gun Nests are unavailable when the Supply Line Modifier is active

NOTE: World Conquest mode has been delayed to the next update as additional time is needed for development. Thanks for the pateience.


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