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Foxhole 0.0.5 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Buildable Structure: Pillbox

Gameplay Changes

  • Friendly Fire is back!

  • Loaded ammo now counts towards player encumbrance

  • Foxhole weapon range increased

  • Foxhole health has been increased

  • Foxhole cost changed from 60 to 50 materials

  • Smoke grenade cost changed from 10 to 20 materials

  • Night visibility radius reduced

Major Bug Fixes

  • Smoke grenades now block the visibility of Foxholes

  • Bright flash in the scene no longer occurs at current times of the day

  • Day / night cycle no longer gets desynchronized with the in-game date / time

  • Tracers now show up properly

Other Changes

  • Characters fade when they enter / exit visibility

  • Night time visibility range is now visualized with an in-game effect

  • Text chat can be muted

  • Back end support for war statistics


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