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Foxhole 0.0.3 Released!

New Content

  • New Item: Satchel Charge (Buildable from Workshop)

Gameplay Changes

  • Day / Night system: Players are only visible up to a certain distance during night hours

  • Small Arms, Mortars, and Grenades no longer damage heavy structures (i.e. Outpost)

  • Outpost has a slightly smaller footprint, allowing it to be built in more places

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that made it hard to vault over sandbags

  • Fixed issue with players not respawning after falling into water

  • Fixed bug that causes players to be stuck in the hammering animation

  • Fixed crash that occurs when the war ends

  • Fixed bug that causes players to spawn at previously destroyed Campsites

  • Fixed bug that causes players to earn Commend Points at a faster than normal rate

Other Changes

  • Lighting system has been overhauled to support the day / night system

  • The world day/time is now shown on the Map screen

  • Read only chat window is now displayed on the respawn screen

  • Chat window is now scrollable


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