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Foxhole 0.0.26 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.0.25 client by switching to the "0.0.25" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

IMPORTANT: This update contains changes that will have a significant impact on item production in the game. This may cause stress to logistics players that are accustom to the existing production system. We ask that you test the new system through several play sessions and then provide your feedback in a constructive manner on Reddit, Discord, or Steam forums. As Foxhole is still in Pre-Alpha, we are going to be continually experimenting with changes like this to ensure that we meet our long term goals.

New Content

  • New World Structure: Garrisoned House

  • Houses found in towns and other areas that can be rebuilt into a Garrisoned House

  • Garrisoned House contain one or more passive defense points (windows) and can be occupied by players on a second floor

  • New Buildable Structure: Howitzer

  • Long Range indirect fire artillery that uses explosive shells

  • Causes large area of effect damage that is effective against infantry

  • New Item: Howitzer Kit

  • Blueprint and parts required to build a Howitzer in the field

  • New Item: Item Crate

  • Contains parts for other items. Must be submitted to a stockpile before items can be assembled

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • New "Factory" production system

  • Production structures have been renamed:

  • Armory -> Weapon Factory

  • Hospital -> Medical Lab

  • Items are now produced with a new private order system

  • Items are now mass produced in crates containing large quanities of items

  • Note that private orders become public 30 minutes after they complete if they aren't picked up

  • For a walkthrough on how the system works, see this video:

  • Upper Heartlands Major Revamp

  • Entire map has been redesigned and visuals have been refreshed

  • Endless Shore Minor Revamp

  • World structure, resource, and road layouts have changed

  • Transport Trucks can now dock with Town Hall and Outpost

  • Docked Trucks can retrieve 3 items at a time (via Right Click)

  • Docked Trucks retrieve items at 2x speed

  • Starter Town Halls now contain 100 Rifles & 200 Rifle Ammo in their stockpiles

  • All production structure storage capacity increased from 9 to 12 items

  • Transport Truck storage capacity increased from 12 to 15

  • Outpost is no longer Coalition Claimable

  • Outpost now contains a Stockpile

  • Friendly Outposts now appear on the minimap

  • Heavy Machine Gun can now be mounted on top of Sandbags, window sills, walls, and any other low surface

  • Scrap nodes no longer spawn into structures

  • Structure upgrade build sites can no longer be built in quick succession (prevents exploit of using build sites for defense)

  • Structure Decay

  • Passive defense structures and now will decay after a long while (days)

  • Decayable structures will being losing health after a fixed long period of time(edited)

  • Walls can now be repaired with the Hammer

Game Balance

  • Half-track cost increased from 115 to 130 refined materials

  • Outpost storage capacity reduced from 15 to 12

  • Outpost cost changed from 250 Refined Materials to 350 Basic Materials

  • Field Artillery Ammo cost reduced from 20 to 15 Basic Materials

  • Cost of Sledge Hammer reduced from 40 to 20 per unit

  • Workshop supports up to Technology Level 3

  • Production and Stockpile retrieval times for all items have been reduced

Other Changes

  • Players now remain listed on the player screen after logging out, allowing them to be vote kicked

  • FXAA is now used instead of TAA (reduced blurriness)

  • Minimap icons have been updated for improved readability

  • Players are kicked off the faction select screen after awhile if server has reached player capacity

Major Bug Fixes

  • When aiming at a close ranged target on a Bridge or other environment objects, aim no longer goes in the wrong direction

  • Bike passenger can no longer pick up items on the ground

  • Fixed collision on several environment objects

  • War Correspondent no longer reports the incorrect number of towns

  • Swapping out the Grenade while it is being cooked no longer causes Grenade to not be consumed (among other issues)

Known Issues

  • Visibility is limited when crouched and looking out of a Garrisoned House from the second floor

  • After erecting an upgraded wall build site and letting it collapse, the wall's health appears to be at maximum until it is either hit again or repaired


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