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Foxhole 0.0.24 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.0.23 client by switching to the "0.0.23" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

New Content

  • New Map Region: Umbral Wildwood

  • A new area east of the Upper Heartlands, filled with forests and shallow rivers

  • New Structure: Barbed Wire

  • An obstacle used to slow down enemy infantry movement

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Dynamic Spawn System

  • "Wild" spawn points will now be dynamically placed

  • "Wild" spawn points will avoid enemy players, vehicles, structures, and walls

  • Faction locking will now be enforced during both weekly and non-weekly wars

  • Items will now scatter in front of a Town Hall when it is destroyed

  • Newly built Town Halls, Barracks, and Outposts will no longer contain any Soldier Supplies

  • Trucks can no longer be locked or Coalition claimed if there is a driver

  • Backpacks will despawn more quickly if they only contain starter kit items

  • Offline Character will only spawn if player has been logged in for longer than 3 minutes

Game Balance

  • Starting Town Halls will now contain 60 soldier supplies

  • Mines are no longer available (This is a temporary change. We hope to bring them back in the future)

  • Revolver range limit increased by 10%

Other Changes

  • Player list can now be sorted by level, rank, name, and coalition

  • Daily vote kick limit increased to 3

Major Bug Fixes

  • Trucks will no longer "fly away" when exiting

  • Fix bug that allows players to join a Faction that is already at the 60 player limit

  • After a world restore post crash, Town Hall icons on the map will now match their faction

  • After a world restore post crash, players will now be able to access their locked trucks

  • If a wall upgrade build site is destroyed, the original wall no longer restores to full health

  • Players no longer fall through the landscape when exiting a Foxhole

  • Fixed several server side crashes

  • Fixed bug that prevents enemy truck build sites from being damaged

  • Fixed bug that causes player to sometimes spawn at enemy Town Halls/Barracks/Outposts


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