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Foxhole 0.0.21 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Weapon: R.P.G.

  • A high-powered rocket propelled explosive that is highly effective against vehicles

  • New Structure: Gun Turret

  • An anti-armor turret used to fortify against heavy vehicles

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Reprimands:

  • Players can spend a Commend Point to reprimand a player for poor behaviour

  • Receiving a reprimand causes the player to lose rank progress

  • Cooldowns exist for both sending and receiving reprimands

  • Players now drop their items (in a backpack) before logging off of a server

  • Player character no longer plays a long animation when placing a structure build site

  • Players can now unlock vehicles that have been locked by another Coalition member

Game Balance

  • Half-Track

  • Small ballistics damage mitigation increased by 13%

  • Health increased by 25%

  • Reinforced Wall

  • Small ballistics damage mitigation increased by 13%

Other Changes

  • Mines placed on roads are easier to spot (their material is no longer blended with the environment)

  • Players must now provide a reason for vote kicking another player

  • Players must now wait an extended amount of before vote kicking again

  • Players that are unbanned by a game moderator have their vote kick counts reset

  • Player profiles are now synchronized across server instances (delayed from 0.0.20)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Foxhole icon (instead of UE4 icon) is now shown in the Windows taskbar

  • Town Halls always show up on the map regardless of whether or not they are built

  • Local voice chat now works while driving a vehicle


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