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Foxhole 0.0.20 Release Notes

New Content

  • New World Structure: Town Hall

  • Build this structure to claim a town

  • Town Hall can be set as a spawn point

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • New Win Condition: Rebuild all Town Hall structures (claiming all towns)

  • Campsites are no longer buildable

  • Empty Backpacks now despawn immediately

  • Outpost no longer has item transfer restrictions when unclaimed by a Coalition

  • Outpost no longer has a build limit

  • Outpost now takes damage from friendly fire

Game Balance

  • Mortar production time is now 60 seconds instead of 90

  • Grenades are now produced in stacks of 3 instead of 5

  • Outpost now requires 400 instead of 650 materials to build

  • Outpost starts with 10 Soldier Supplies instead of 25

  • Callahan's Passage:

  • Vehicle Factory and Oil Refinery moved from Lochan's Berth to White Chapel

Other Changes

  • Support for 3 language channels (English, Russian, and Korean)

  • Graphics settings can now be further customized

  • Unreal Engine 4.14 upgrade

Major Bug Fixes

  • Technology UI no longer shows up for structures that don't have Technology Levels

  • Can no longer drop items out of Coalition secured structures

  • Cursor is no longer visible on the map when using a Half-track

  • Character meshes for vehicle passengers are no longer visible

  • Local chat text is now visible for vehicle drivers

  • Fixed bug that causes Half-track gunner movement to jitter

  • Build site health is now set to the correct value for all structures

  • War-Correspondent when it reports on subsequent wars

Known Issues

  • Town Hall marker icons on the map don't always show up for all unbuilt Town Halls


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