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Foxhole 0.0.18 Release Notes

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Mission Objectives

  • Coalition officers can create objectives that are visible on the Map screen

  • Entering passive defense structures

  • Players can now enter a Foxhole or Pillbox to take cover

  • Most weapons and items can still be used while inside a structure

  • Players inside structures are vulnerable to Green Ash Grenade damage

  • Coalition System changes

  • Coalitions can now claim only Outposts and Barracks

  • Coalition claimed structures can be access by anyone, but item transfer is restricted (see Requisition System below) for non Coalition members

  • Coalition must be a certain size to claim structures (5 for Barracks / 10 for Outposts)

  • Requisition System

  • When accessing a Coalition claimed Outpost or Barracks, item transfer is limited for non Coalition members:

  • ONE of Main Equipment (Rifle, SMG, Trauma Kit, etc) can be requisitioned per life

  • ONE of Extra Equipment (Pistol, First Aid Kit, etc) can be requisitioned per life

  • TWO of Consumables (Grenades, Bandages, etc) can be requisitioned

  • TWO of Ammo (Rifle Ammo, SMG Ammo, etc) can be requisitioned per life

  • All other items are restricted and can only be transferred by Coalition members

  • Upper Heartlands design changes

Game Balance

  • Cost of Heavy Gate increased from 80 to 100 materials

  • Transport Truck has a tighter turn radius

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that causes names of Transport Truck passengers to be in strange positions

  • Fixed bug that allows players to respawn without using Soldier Supplies by logging out while wounded

  • Fixed bug that causes Transport Truck to clip into terrain and teleport to random locations

Known Issues

  • Audio volume settings don't apply properly

  • Spatial voice chat audio can sometimes be choppy


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