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Foxhole 0.0.12 Release Notes

Gameplay Changes

  • Trucks can be locked by the driver using the 'L' key

  • Truck locks can be dismantled with a Wrench

  • Trucks can be repaired with the Hammer

  • Trucks can at less than 70% health can't move

  • Fuel can no longer be salvaged

  • Factions are now limited to 60 players per side

  • Map changes

  • Most bridges are initially destroyed

  • Practice mode changes

  • Weapon Production Changes

  • Weapons are now produced in "packed" form and in batches

  • Packed weapons can be stacked and easily transported

  • Packed weapons must be unpacked (used) before they are used

Game Balance

  • Players now only spawn with: 1 Pistol, 2 Pistol Ammo, Hammer

  • Soldier Supplies, Medkit, Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Green Ash, and Ammo types are now produced in stacks

  • Salvage, encumbrance value, production time, and material cost have been tweaked for many items

  • Truck health has been increased by 33%

  • Outpost inventory size increased to 16

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused War Correspondent to misreport which faction has constructed an Outpost

  • Fixed bug that caused player visibility to not properly update when inside a truck

Other Changes

  • Added the ability to transfer an entire stack of items with right click

  • Increased size of the text chat window

  • War Correspondent posts now refer to in-game time (as oppose to real world time)

  • Show # of produced items on the Armory/Workshop menu

  • Improved FPS for some GPUs


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