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Foxhole 0.0.11 Release Notes

Gameplay Changes

  • Bridges are destructible (and rebuildable)

  • Soldier Supplies stacks in an Outpost can no longer be split

  • Players are now visible through build sites

  • Players are now visible through fences in the world

  • Small ballistics (Rifles, Pistol, etc) can now be fired through fences

Game Balance

  • Soldier Supplies cost increased from 6 to 8 Building Materials

  • Soldier Supplies encumbrance value increased by 400%

  • Land Mine encumbrance value decreased by 20%

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in the vote kick system (that makes it unintentionally easy to be kicked)

  • Fixed bug that sometimes causes build sites to be indestructible

  • Fixed bug that made damage inconsistent on Concrete Wall and Heavy Gate structures

  • Fixed bug that allows Hammer to be unequipped while a build ghost is active

  • Fixed bug that causes Truck to end up nose down when going over some bridges

  • Fixed bug that causes server performance degredation after players use vehicles

  • Fixed FPS drops that occur when near a Heavy Gate

Other Changes

  • Left click to honk horn when driving a Truck

  • Players can no longer switch factions during weekly wars (after playing with one for a short amount of time)

  • Players can no longer log into the server in quick succession

  • Team kills and truck transfers are pubically reported to the chat log

  • Improved SFX attenuation so it's much easier to tell what direction a SFX is coming from

  • War Correpondent

  • Discord bot that reports information about weekly wars in real-time

Known Issues

  • Trees visuals are broken on Low Detail settings


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