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First One World War Begins on March 14

Foxhole as we know it has outgrown its roots. Its branches are reaching over the sidewalk and every fall we’re wasting more and more time scraping wet leaves from the windshield of the Clapfoot company car. No more. With the launch of 0.10 we’re going to rip out the old game, and start in with a fresh new foundation that will let us build bigger, better, and (hopefully) faster than ever before. We don’t want you to get excited about what it is now, we want you to look at everything it’s about to become, with your help.

What’s Changed

Say goodbye to the old campaign mode. To replace it, we’ll be getting the full 3x3 world conquest map, as well as Skirmish mode. Thanks to your feedback from the first three tests we now have a version of World Conquest which includes: full border travel, winners' monuments, home regions, player standings, tonnes of bug fixes, and much more. We took a lot of your suggestions from the reddit, steam, and discord channels and threw them in as well if we thought it matched our vision, so expect some of that.

What we didn’t change was sulfur refinement time and tunnel networks. We agree that the game isn’t ideal right now, but remember this is only the foundation. Instead try to imagine the systems we’re going to build on top of these relatively simply mechanics. Tweaking numbers is never hard, what's important is that we have levers in the game now to make fast and effective improvements to address the ever-changing meta.

We got a chance to try out our new Skirmish game mode in a test with the community last Wednesday. This new game mode will incorporate a lot of the competitive elements of Foxhole into shorter games that will directly impact your new Player Standing, as well as the outcome of the World Conquest war as well. Both the Skirmish games and the World Conquest games will matter in the conclusion of the One World War.

The full world map of the 3x3 World Conquest Map

Skirmish Mode

As we flesh out this new game mode, players new and old will gain a familiar yet different perspective of the game and its meta as we continue to add maps, mechanics and more. We are especially interested in expanding the arsenal of available items and structures that will be exclusive to skirmishes, so stay tuned.

For the first World Conquest test the skirmishes will run alongside the main World Conquest war right from the beginning. Normally there would be a period before the World Conquest where only skirmishes are running, but since this is the first real game, we don’t think a ‘cooldown period’ is necessary.

Skirmish is one of the two game modes to play in One Wo​rld

What to Expect

Right when the update goes live the One World war begins. This is going to be a big one, because the winner of this war is going to get a monument at the end that will last for all time. Who will be the winner of the first One World War? You decide.

Your rank will still be there, so don’t panic. What’s new is that Player Standing is going to be related to each individual war, and it is your Player Standing that will be etched onto the monument at the end and then reset for the next one. Your original ranks, for now, are safe.

We also did away with the server browser and when you first log in you’ll be plopped into the home region instead. We hope this will help with immersion, but you be the judge.

The timeline of a One World war​

“Where’s the Frontline?”

We haven’t had time to completely address the night-time swings issue yet, but we’re still on it. A few days after the start of the war we’re going to have a promotion for Foxhole that we expect to bring a bunch of new players into the game. That means a lot of newbie questions and silly structure placement. You guys are our lifeblood, our ears and our voice. Have patience with them, help out, and if you can, get them onto the discord. The bigger our family grows, the more gifts you get at Christmas.

We hope this surge of population will help bring some activity to those late hours, but it’s not a permanent solution to night swings. We have some ideas involving weather that we think would be really cool, but we want to hear to your suggestions. Talk to us on discord, we're very open to just chatting.

To Sum it all Up

Don’t stop being awesome. Get some rest and stock your coffee. You’re going to need all your strength for next week. This first version of World Conquest marks the beginning of a new age of Foxhole. Don’t miss it.


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