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Devblog 87 - The World of Foxhole: Part III

Updated: Apr 1, 2022


The World of Foxhole: Part III

@matt The World of Foxhole blog posts coming over the next week will provide a snapshot of history and lore to some of the new maps being introduced to Foxhole in the Entrenched update. Check back daily for the next post.



A long time ago, nestled between two great mountains lay a bountiful and idyllic valley. During the civil war, Republican Colonials established several outposts along the northernmost stretch of the Red River. Centuries later, long after the Breaching and the embers of the Boreal Wars had cooled, the Warden army took up arms and advanced south, meeting little resistance until they reached the valley. Those soldiers never left the valley. No one knows the truth of what happened in the Ash Fields. The Scribes had long been dissolved by then, and it's doubtful any would have survived had they been on the field. However, it's said that the clash was so catastrophic, both bordering mountains spewed flames of rage into the valley, forever scarring its once-verdant fields.



Cuttail Station was once the northernmost outpost in Caoiva. It was left abandoned after villagers fleeing from the Reaching Trail met with the region's inhabitants to form a large caravan. Together they fled to the safety of Whedon's Row. In the years that followed, the woods became overrun with wild foxes and wolves. Those who refused to leave lived symbiotically with the beasts to the point of near worship. Descendants of those who stayed wrote about one particular conflict with a unit of legionaries. The soldiers had attempted to garrison several towns and subjugate whatever civilians stayed behind. Instead of laying down their arms, the villagers fought back, using their knowledge of the land against their attackers. While the legionaries may have prepared for resistance, they certainly weren't prepared to wage war against the wilds themselves.



The Old Captain was founded by a deserting Picarian reaver called Ur Deadtooth. The little seaside village quickly blossomed into a den of filth and piracy while all around them, the flames of the Great Wars raged on. Accosted from all sides, with dwindling supplies (despite meagre efforts to farm the peninsulas), it became clear to Deadtooth that his little haven would soon crumble under its own ambition. To protect himself, he cut a deal with an eager Colonial Legatus who wanted access to Deadtooth's port in exchange for command of a battleship and its crew. Deadtooth abandoned his people for slaughter or conscription. He wouldn't learn of their fate, as once he shook hands with the Legatus, the bastard never looked back.



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