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Devblog 87 - The World of Foxhole: Part II

Updated: Apr 1, 2022


The World of Foxhole: Part II

@matt The World of Foxhole blog posts coming over the next week will provide a snapshot of history and lore to some of the new maps being introduced to Foxhole in the Entrenched update. Check back daily for the next post.



Once home to a great kingdom, the valley is but a whisper of its former self. Much of its history is lost, with ancient strongholds being torn down to the soil, brick by brick. The stories are passed down from generation to generation and have become twisted and fantastical. One song tells the tale of a “Golden Emperor” from the south who made the long march to the valley attempting to tame the wild mountain men. He laid siege upon the valley king’s castle for months straight, his camp scattered across the bramble fields. The icy tendrils of winter struck the valley, pushing the Golden Emperor to tuck his tail between his legs and flee. At home in the northern cold, the king of the valley took his revenge. One thing has always been true, the soil of the valley is fed by the bones of unfortunate men.



The Great Warden dam is one of several reservoirs of its kind across the continent of Raka. One of the oldest reservoirs. A little-known fact, the Great Warden Dam was constructed prior to the founding of the Wardens. It’s believed that the moniker was bestowed upon the dam as an offering of peace. Iain Callahan once held a humble farmstead near the dam. Historians of the time say he enjoyed gazing across the reservoir, inspired by such a marvel of engineering, to feel all that power trapped behind a stone wall.



The child of a Velian noble and a Caovish refugee, Avery Cirillo was every bit the duality of her heritage. During Operation Twisted Arrow, Avery served as a grenadier for the Third Spears regiment based out of Acrithia. While carrying out orders to hold back a Warden advance, the sudden appearance of Warden aircraft routed her squad. In the first wave, an explosion caught her left leg. Through sheer determination, or perhaps roused by watching her comrades fall, Avery dragged herself to a nearby anti-air cannon and hauled the previous operator’s corpse from the seat to return fire upon the Warden bombers. Inspired by her grit, fleeing soldiers halted their retreat and created a perimeter around Avery’s position, dressing her wounds and providing her with auxiliary support. Not a single Warden soldier made it across the front that day. As a reward for her bravery, Polemarch Leventis awarded her with a state-of-the-art prosthetic. She remained on the battlefield for decades to follow.



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