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Devblog 87 - The World of Foxhole: Part I

Updated: Apr 1, 2022


The World of Foxhole: Part I

@matt The World of Foxhole blog posts coming over the next week will provide a snapshot of history and lore to some of the new maps being introduced to Foxhole in the Entrenched update. Check back daily for the next post.



There’s something to be said for the birthplace of a titan. Millions of years ago, the gods came crashing down, sundering the rock and crust, splitting the land in two. These are but old tales told to young children. Perhaps legends have been born on Origin’s rocky shores, but only the kind made of flesh and blood and glory. Ambrose Leon, known to his peers as the Lionheart, was one such titan. An incomparable leader with an unbridled iron will, Ambrose was a singular tactician and ship captain, without whom the Legion may never have been able to cinch a stranglehold on the western Caoivish coast.



Marking the southernmost border of Nicnevin, the Nevish Line has hosted many diplomatic discussions between Caoiva and Nicnevin. During the Boreal Wars, when the Nevish Alliance formed, the treaty was signed upon the shores of the Scrying Belt. The Belt itself holds even more historical significance as it was once played host to a royal assassination.



Once a great trade route north to eastern Nicnevin before the Breaking, Morgen’s Crossing was one of the first strongholds stormed by early Mesean incursions north. Áed Mercy, long rumoured to be the bastard of Dermot Callahan and illegitimate grandson of Carden Callahan, was taken prisoner in the ensuing assault. Áed was never seen again, nor his body recovered. His disappearance remains shrouded in controversy. Speculation abounds that, upon learning the truth of his lineage, Áed, poisoned by the Legion’s influence, took up arms against his brethren.



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