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Devblog 81

DISCLAIMER: All of the content below is heavily conceptual and may never be in the game. All images and text are stand-ins. Please read this before taking the images out of context!

Squad Storage

Squad Storage Analytics

As you all know, Squad Storage was introduced in Update 34 as a highly experimental feature. Going into it, we knew we wanted to collect as much data as we could to help us determine if it was meeting our goals. I wanted to share some of the analytics we've collected thus far.

Below is a series of graphs showing data collected over the span of a week starting at around day 3 of the war and ending around day 10.

This first graph shows total number of public Crates vs Squad Stored across all Storage Depots in the world. After only several days into the war, it's obvious that the majority of Crates in stockpiles are in Squad Storage. However, it's interesting to note that the amount of Crates in public storage maintains roughly the same throughout the war and even increases slightly during the second half of the week. While players are definitely securing a lot of Crates, the public stockpiles aren't being neglected.

Taking a look around in game, there doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference in the size of public depots. The screenshot above is taken from 3 public Storage Depot stockpiles at a late stage in the war. The contents have been redacted out for security reasons. It's interesting to note that many items are stocked even beyond their pre-update 34 limits.

This next graph shows the same type of data, except for vehicles. The trend here seems to be roughly the same as what we saw for Crates. The big difference here with vehicles that makes us a bit uncomfortable is that Vehicles can be reused and hoarded indefinitely while Crates must eventually be unpacked at a public location (Town Hall or FOB) and shared with everyone.

This next graph shows the average amount of Crates stored in Squad Storage. It's interesting to note the massive dip in average Crates at around the 5 day mark. At this time, a large amount of Crates exited the Squad Storage and was most likely deposited into Base stockpiles as there is no noticeable increase in Crates in public storage in the previous graphs.

Again, the vehicle version of the this graph shows a similar trend.

This graph above shows the average % of Crate capacity used at Squad Storage. When we first introduced Squad Storage, we deliberated quite a bit on how much it should allow players to hold. We decided in the end to be generous and give players more than what they might need (within reason) so that their usage of the feature wouldn't be impeded. It looks like the ceiling we provided was more than enough as on average less than 20% of capacity is being used.

Finally, this is the vehicle version of the previous graph. As vehicle capacity is quite limited compared to Crates, its expected that the utilization is higher as time goes on.

We hope these stats are as interesting to everyone is they were to us. We hope to be able to share more statistics about the game in the future.

Squad Storage Changes

Now that the great Squad Storage experiment has been going for two weeks, it's time to talk about how the feature is going to evolve moving forward. I'm happy to announce that for at least the foreseeable future, Squad Storage is going to stay. We've gotten enough positive feedback on it from players and the data shows that public stockpiles remain healthy, even if the majority of Crates are in Squad stores. We're going to continue to improve the feature moving forward, specifically focusing on ways to encourage logistics players share their supplies and equipment with the public more often.

That said, there is one aspect of Squad Storage that will be changing. When we first considered adding Squad Storage to the game, we had some major concerns since it risked violating certain core principles of the game. However, we knew it had the potential to improve logistics and wanted to experiment with progression, longer term planning, more sophisticated organization of their supply networks for logi players.

We wanted to run the experiment with as few limitations as possible, so we could get a full feel over how players would use the Squad Storage, but knew that some changes would need to be made afterwards. Specifically, we knew that the way any vehicle could be freely stored and reused over and over again violated certain rules of ownership in the game: Every piece of equipment in Foxhole is "eventually public" even if it can be temporarily held in secure storage at some point in the logistics chain. Crates abide by this gameplay contract, but vehicles do not. As of Update 35, Squad Storage will no longer allow used vehicles to be submitted back into Squad Storage. Storage of used vehicles will work exactly like it did in Update 33 where they can only be put in public stockpiles, just like how items like Rifles can only be submitted to communal stores. This way the ownership rules are consistent throughout most of the game. The only exception to this rule will be logistics vehicles like Trucks and Flatbeds, which will remain Squad Storable.

Here's a summary of what to expect in update 35:

  • There will no longer be Squad Storage for used vehicles in general

  • There will still be Squad Storage for used logistics vehicles

  • There will be a new form of Squad Storage for unused vehicles (hint: it will work much like crated weapons)

  • If your goal is to produce a bunch of combat vehicles for a future operation, then you will still be able to do that moving forward using Squad Storage

We'll be able to paint a fuller picture of all of this when we give our full Spring Update preview on next Tuesday's devstream.

COVID-19 Virus Update

I just want everyone to be aware. As of Monday, the office team members begin working remotely as a precaution and to ensure everyone feels comfortable in light of this COVID-19 situation. I personally have adopted the philosophy that I already have the virus, and that I want to prevent other people from contracting it from me.

Our goal is to return back to the office and normal workflow as soon as possible, but we will re-evaluate on a week by week basis. Fortunately, we can work on Foxhole from the comfort of our own homes with our loved ones close by.


We'll be revealing the full details on the Spring Update next Tuesday at 2PM EST on our Twitch channel.

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