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Devblog 76

DISCLAIMER: All of the content below is heavily conceptual and may never be in the game. All images and text are stand-in. Please read this before taking the images out of context!

Trench & Bunker FAQ

I've been getting a lot of questions about Trenches & Bunker since we revealed this feature in last week's Devstream. The Trench & Bunker feature has been one of the most technically challenging features we've had to implement since we started Foxhole. The initial release will include the base functionality that you saw on the last stream as well as some cool initial content we have yet to reveal. However, there’s a ton of additional content and features that we’d like to add to the Trench and Bunker system that are beyond the scope of the next update.

After Trench Warfare launches in December, we plan to release a Trench Warfare Part 2 update in January and then continue to expand on the system in 2020. As a result, the answer to a lot of the questions revolving around "Will Trenches support 'x' feature?" is that it will be coming in a future update

Here are some specific answers to a lot of the questions we’ve been asked over the last week. Keep in mind that the answers to some of these questions may change as gameplay is tweaked and balanced between now and release.

Does it take resources to dig a trench?

No resources are required to dig a Tier 1 Trench, but it will require quite a bit of manpower. Tier 2 and 3 Trench upgrades will require Basic Materials and Concrete Materials respectively. This will be explained in further detail on the next stream, but for now, you can see how Concrete works in the image below (animations are sped up).

Can I connect two disparate trenches together?

Not in the initial release, but we have a path to supporting this in future updates. The strategy is to create a flexible Trench structure that can dynamically resize itself.

Can I connect to an enemy trench?

Once we support connecting disparate Trenches, you will be able to connect to the enemy trench. So not for the Winter Update, but possibly in the future.

Can I take over an enemy Trench?

Yes, you can take over an enemy trench by overrunning it since it is neutral.

Can I dig another Trench from within a Trench?

Yes. You can place a build site for a Trench from within an adjacent trench and dig at the adjoining dirt wall.

Can I drive a tank over a Trench?

This is something that the system can support, but it’s currently a stretch goal for the Winter Update. Even if it doesn’t make the initial release, you will still be able to modify Trenches to have a bridge as seen in the image below.

Can I Trenches be built on sloped terrain?

The system supports building trenches on slanted terrain. We actually spent a tremendous amount of effort in supporting this because we wanted to remove as many limitations as possible. Trenches that are built on sloped terrain will seamlessly connect to each other, but there is tolerance as to how steep of a slope you can build on. If the terrain is too steep the system will warn you and disallow you to build.

Can I kill people with my shovel?

Rolls eyes. Not right now, but we’ll add this if time permits (it probably won’t)

What happens to a Trench when it’s destroyed?

When a Trench is destroyed, it will cave in and leave behind a husk that will exist in the world for some time (so the hole doesn’t just disappear!). Trench husks will decay over time and eventually the normal landscape will be restored. Vehicles will be able to drive over these husks.

How is decay handled with Trenches?

Decay is handled the same way it’s handled for any structure. Since Tier 1 trenches can be built without resources, they will have faster decay to mitigate spam and server performance degradation. Higher Tier Trenches & Bunkers will have much slower decay.

Is there a limit as to how long a trench can be?

No limit.

Can you build other structures like Storage Boxes inside trenches and Bunkers?

The system can support this, but it may or may not make it into the first release.

Will the shovel be an item that spawns with you (like the Hammer) or an item logi has to produce?

Shovels will be produced at a Factory. They won’t required tech though.

How does the interface for upgrading/modifying Trenches & Forts work?

When the Hammer is equipped, a new icon will appear in the HUD indicating which structure is currently targeted for upgrades/modifying. The structure that is directly in front of you will always be selected automatically. Once you press E, a new Updates menu will appear which will allow you to select an Upgrade/Modification to apply. The mouse wheel is used to select which wall to modify or which direction the upgrade should rotate to.

Will the relic trench networks in Reaching Trail and Mooring County remain or will they remove to make way for emergent player trenches?

The static trenches in Reaching Trail and Mooring County will remain for now.

Are the existing defensive structures like Foxholes and Pillboxes staying or being removed?

Most of the legacy structures will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. We want to make sure that players have all the existing tools they are used to at first, with the new Trenches and Bunkers being additional options on the table.

There are probably dozens of more questions on your minds, but that’s it for now. I hope to be able to answer more questions on next Devstream. Don’t forget that we’ll be doing our full preview of all the content and features coming to Trench Warfare next Tuesday, Dec 3rd. See you all then!

Trenches. You better like them.

Practice makes perfect, that's how the saying goes and in the case of making trenches work for Foxhole, that statement couldn't be more real, I’m not saying their perfect but I’m pretty happy with’em.

I think by the time this update gets into your hands it will have been approximately my 10th or 150th time making trenches, I lost count somewhere along the journey. Trenches were one of the early projects that I was tasked with about 1 and a half years ago now. Matt approached me saying that they had a bit of a tricky time making trenches work with the game both visually and from a gameplay aspect. So I was like, cool! I'm always excited for something of a challenge. Then for the following 2 - 3 weeks, we came up with the trenches you see in mooring county today!

Matt could probably write you a lengthy piece about just how fun® it was to use and make those work in the world. It was cool to make those first versions and their creation helped us for project hammer, but in the end, it wasn't what we truly wanted but we really didn't know how or if it was possible to make happen ..., what we made happen.

The concept of buildable trenches came up again earlier this year but this time after some more research there was a glimmer of possibly and so we ran with it. After some very crude tests, we saw what could be a very real possibility. Then about 3 months ago Mark brought me in and told me that we gonna go full-on with it. And so Project Hammer was born. In the beginning, we had nothing but hope and an idea and so we started to put together images of what these trenches and base building could be like in-game

At first, we just wanted to explore ideas. We looked up an absurd amount of reference and really peeled apart what was necessary and what was just awesome about the idea. As we made iteration after iteration the image was becoming clearer and clearer.

On the programming end, Casey was championing the actual implementation of the mechanic and we slowing saw it come together.

What you'll see is a completely different approach to what I had ever thought would work. So much of what we discussed in the meeting was often very hypothetical and the slogan for project hammer ended up becoming "it should just work" and amazingly, it did.

In the end, the assets you'll see are made up of so make moving parts to allow for flexibility and to expand and grow this system in the future. We are so excited and proud of what we were able to accomplish with this update and I can't wait for you guys to get in the trenches.



Foxhole Devstream 2pm EST - Every two weeks (alternative between blog posts) Tweet Devstream questions to @Matt directly on Discord or Twitter

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Nov 27, 2019

This is either gonna revolutianize the game or drop half of players until january. This seems so well done though. Cool that you don't promise what you don't expect to be able to implement.

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