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Devblog 6

We're in the final stretch of getting vehicles into the game so I'm gonna make this post short (but sweet!).

Outpost Changes & Supplies

In the near future, we will be changing the way the Outposts work with respect to spawning. Our motivation for making these changes is to increase the value of life in the game and reduce the amount of careless deaths and suicide runs that we currently see during wars. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • You must assign yourself to an Outpost in order to respawn at it (by "using" it). You will only be able to spawn at this Outpost until you assign yourself to another one.

  • If you aren't assigned to an Outpost, you will spawn "in the wild", which will be a random remote location in the world.

  • When you are killed, you can choose to spawn at your assigned Outpost/Campsite or "in the wild".


Besides the changes mentioned above, we also will be making one more big change to Outposts. Spawning at an Outpost will now require Soldier Supplies. These supplies must be produced by players at a Supply Station structure and stockpiled at Outposts. If an Outpost runs out of supplies, then players can no longer spawn at that Outpost.

This introduces some new strategic elements to the game. Firstly, it is the responsibility of players to form supply lines to keep their front line Outposts in operation. Secondly, the enemy can weaken your front by taking out your supply lines.

Field Guns

We started working on field guns recently. These will be heavy ballistic weapons that are moved around the battlefield and used to lay siege to heavily fortified enemy positions.

The first implementation of this will be the Field Artillery. This weapon will require more than one player to operate. We are still working out the control details, but our initial plan will have one player directing the rotation of the weapon and the other in charge of elevation and firing. Both players will be required to move the Field Artillery.

Here is a very rough animation that we created early on to demonstrate the moving parts of the weapon.

This work in progress model shows the positions of the players manning the field gun.

Here is a near final version of the Field Artillery mesh (without materials).

Vehicle Showcase Video

We have been working on vehicles for weeks and this will be the final update before we release the feature for testing. I made a quick video to showcase the features of the Transport Truck. Expect to see this vehicle in the game really soon.

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