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Devblog 44

This Devblog marks the end of our 0.14 preview series. Remember that this update is going to be one of the big ones of 2018.

We are currently targeting a mid June release (between June 14th and 18th) depending on how devbranch testing goes.

Disclaimer: Any feature or piece of content shown here is a work in progress and subject to change in the future.

Update 0.14 is coming in the next 1-2 weeks!

The Oarbreaker Isles

The idea of an "Island Map" has excited us for awhile, but there was never a good justification to work on one until now. As discussed on our last Devblog, one of our goals for 0.14 is to make the Conquest is scalable to higher numbers of players and to reduce the bottlenecks around queues. To that end, Oarbreaker Isles effectively provides an entirely new front that is guaranteed to be active throughout the Conquest. It contains Port Bases from both sides so it can't be locked down completely.

Oarbreaker Isles is the ultimate map for amphibious warfare

Oarbreaker Isles contains one large island to the west, where a continuous land battle can occur between the Port Bases. The rest of the map is a series of small to large fragments of land that contain Forts, victory towns, and other world structure. The east end connects to the mainland via water border travel, so amphibious invasions on Farranac Coast can be staged from this region.

One of the many islands of Oarbreaker Isles

Skirmish Improvements

It's been our ongoing goal to improve Skirmish. Our immediate task is to make sure that Skirmish delivers the core Foxhole experience in some way. Its important that players that are new to the game or those thay have more restrictive schedules will always have a version of the game that has all the key elements of the game, including scale and persistence.

Key Skirmish Changes:

  • Skirmishes are unique in the world (no more multiple instances of the same map running at once)

  • Reaching Trail and Great March have been expanded to support 140 players

  • Victory condition is consistent with Conquest now (claim all victory towns and build them to tier 3)

  • 3 hour time limit has been removed

  • Tech Tree is more comprehensive and has more branching choices

  • Oarbreaker Isles will be compatible with Skirmish mode

A village to the new west side of Great March

The expanded version of Great March

Conquest Expansion

Besides amphibious assaults and expanded skirmishes, we've made a bunch of other changes to make Conquest more scalable and dynamic. The Conquest can now include more than 9 regions in total, but you no longer need to claim every single victory town to win. For example, if you are the Colonials and have claimed every victory town except for those in Weathered Expanse, you can instead try to claim those in Oarbreaker Isles instead to win.

Key Conquest Changes

  • A specific number of victory towns are needed to win the Conquest, not all of them

  • Conquest can optionally be extended to include Oarbreaker Isles, Reaching Trail, and Great March

  • New regions can open up several days after the Conquest starts

  • Conquest mode will be exclusive while it is active (Skirmishes won't be available)

  • The Travel screen has been updated with general improvements and to accommodate the new Conquest regions

  • The World Map screen has been updated for the new victory condition

The new Travel screen (note: locations of some regions are incorrect here)

The new World Map (note: locations of some regions are incorrect here)


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