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Devblog 41

The last week has been a really great checkpoint for the dev team. The initial implementation of One World is out the door and while there are definitely balance issues/bugs/etc to address, it's in a relatively stable state. After 3-4 straight months of working under very tight deadlines and constantly putting out fires, we finally have some time to take a step back and work on some very important longer term tasks like tasks like maintenance (i.e. bug fixing), prototyping, and planning out the next big phase of development for Foxhole.

We're going to be pushing out a very cool update in about a week that includes a new vehicle. For a preview of this update, watch our latest Devstream on Twitch. After that, we're going to be moving on to the next phase for One World which we'll start talking about in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Any feature or piece of content shown here is a work in progress and subject to change in the future.

Armoured Car

The next vehicle coming to Foxhole will be the Armoured Car and it will launch with the 0.12 Update (Coming April 25th) with both faction variants included. The initial motivation to add this vehicle was to introduce a low tier / early game combat vehicle. We eventually narrowed down it's role to urban combat, patrol, and escort.

Colonial Armoured Car. The "Xiphos"

Colonial Armoured Car in a convoy

The Armoured Car is highly effective against infantry in urban combat scenarios. Its frontal turret position allows for peeking around corners of buildings and has 360 degree firing capability. This allows it to defend against soldiers approaching from hidden areas within densely packed towns. In addition to urban combat, it can provide escort support for logistics vehicles like Trucks and CVs and is useful for patrolling supply lines.

Warden Armoured Car. The "O'Brien v110"

Warden Armoured Car in a convoy

This vehicle will have support for two passengers (driver & gunner) and will have two inventory slots (fuel & ammo only). It's armor will be twice as vulnerable at the rear. It has fast acceleration and speed on road, but slow offroad movement. It features dual range anti-infantry guns that is effective at taking out infantry at medium range.

Colonial Armoured Car concepts

Warden Armoured Car concepts

War Reports 2.0

A revamp of War Reports is going to be our next effort in making sure wars feel significant and are remembered after they are over. We've always been fascinated with War Reports and all the interesting insights they can bring once the fighting is over. For a trip down memory lane, you can see our earlier efforts on reports here.

We are finally going to be bringing back War Reports and not only will they will be available in-game this time (accessible through the corresponding monument), but they'll provide much more statistics than before. We also hope to expose these reports through our upcoming Web API so that external websites can make use of them as well. Once this feature is up and running, we hope to make them a permanent feature so that in the far future players can look back and view the results of every single war from the past.

Concept for how War Reports will look like in the future

Environment Art Work (Continued)

Anthony has continued to work on improvements to our environment assets in between major feature tasks. In our last devblog we showed some improvements he's made to our rocky landscapes. The screenshots below show a progression of that work.

Anthony's continuing work on improving our rock assets

More rock assets!


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