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Devblog 40

It's good to be back writing a Devblog post after having missed the last one due to our insane development schedule. I think 0.10 was the most difficult update we've ever worked on. It was much more difficult than launching into Early Access. While we've been experiencing issues like long queues, the launch of One World was overall big success from our perspective.

When we were on the eve of releasing the World Conquest update, I could think of a hundred things that could have gone wrong. Thankfully, very few of those speculative problems became real issues and we've successfully transitioned the game to a new foundation that we can now use to build a bigger and better game. We can now spend less time on maintaining legacy code and features, and can focus on building the future of Foxhole.

Still, we are fully aware of the issues that are currently plaguing the game and are working hard to address them in the coming updates. We want to thank everyone for their patience and for keeping the conversation productive throughout this transition period.

Disclaimer: Any feature or piece of content shown here is a work in progress and subject to change in the future.

0.11 Update Preview

The next update is just around the corner and it will be focused on improving skirmish and integrating it more into One World wars. We will also be addressing some of the pain points around queues. We're currently targeting to release 0.11 next week. Stay tuned!

Reaching Trail

One of our near term goals is to flesh out Skirmish content so we will be releasing a brand new map with this update called Reaching Trail.

A few miles north of Mooring County lies The Reaching Trail, a rural village that built up around a mountainous path between Callum's Cape and the Reaching River. Colonial Paratroopers cut off Warden soldiers fleeing to the north and set up camp, establishing their own northern base of operations.

The Reaching trail is a tightly paced skirmish map with a mix of varied elevations and tactical opportunities inside a small mountain pass. Making use of these different natural obstacles will be vital as you work to cut off supply lines and prepare for coordinated assaults.

Reaching Trail is geographically north of Mooring County

The southern most town in Reaching Trail

Map Layout for Reaching Trail

Skirmish Tech Trees

Currently the Skirmish mode experience is missing a critical sense of progression. To address this, we are going to be adding Tech Trees that are specific to Skirmish mode. This will ensure that tactics change over time as a skirmish unholds, making these battles more dynamic. We are also heavily considering having multiple Tech Trees so that we can randomly select one for each skirmish, keeping things even more fresh.

One of many Tech Trees we are considering for Skirmish

Skirmish Win Condition

Instead of the black and white win condition we have now, there will now be 5 possible outcomes to a Skirmish for each side:

  • Total Victory - Friendly side claimed all significant towns

  • Partial Victory - Friendly side claimed more significant towns than enemy

  • Total Defeat - Enemy claimed all significant towns

  • Partial Defeat - Enemy claimed more significant towns than friendly side

  • Stalemate - Friendly side and and enemy claimed an equal number of sigificant towns

Supply Drops

Our ultimate goal is to make skirmish battles feel more unified with the Home Islands and Conquest. Right now, they tie into the overall win condition of the war (Monuments) and can also be used to improve your standing. In the next update, we will be integrating skirmishes in a way that impacts gameplay.

The Supply Drop concept was first introduced in our initial discussions about One World. There are two goals we have for Supply Drops. First, they will be used to stockpile items that will be used in the initial invasion of the Conquest mainland. Second, they will provide ongoing support to the Conquest war effort after it has begun.

The Shipping Facility allows you to view the current stockpile that will be shipped to your Port Bases

When a Skirmish is won, a supply of weapons and equipment is determined based on the Win Condition and the number of friendly players present at the end. The supply is then transferred to and accumulated at a Shipping Facility structure on the Home Island. Before the Conquest starts, the Shipping Facility will grow to a large arsenal that will be shipped to the three friendly Port Bases when the mainland invasion begins. After that, shipments will be made on a regular interval. Note that Port Bases will now start empty by default so you must participate in Skirmishes to ensure that your initial landing force is well equipped.

The Supply Drop concept is the first of many features we hope to introduce to more tightly integrate Skirmish with the rest of the war. Expect more exciting developments in the coming months!

Improving Queues

There are several improvements we are making to the queue system to make it less painful. First, we will be adding support for playing Skirmish games while waiting in a queue for Conquest (you will also have the option to drop out of the queue if you wish to stay in your skirmish match). We will also be adding several other improvements like AFK timeouts, optimizations for travel reservation, and increasing the overall capacity of the conquest by a small amount.

Improved Rock Models

We are constantly improving all aspects of Foxhole. We've had some extra time in the art pipeline these past few weeks to do an art pass on the rocks in the environment.

Old rocks on the left. New and improved ones on the right.

The new rock assets will help us solve some gameplay issues as well.

Besides the visual improvements, we've also been able to solve a few gameplay issues. These new assets will work to solve people getting stuck in rocks, people hiding inside rocks, or floating above rocks. It won't solve people climbing on rocks but will give us better control over players getting into places they shouldn't be.

PAX East

Don't forget that we're going to be at PAX East next week. If you are attending, please contact KrazyFlyinChicken on the official Discord so we can be sure to include you in any Foxhole events at the show.

In honor of the Foxhole community, we'll also be dedicating some space in our booth to display fan art and videos. We'll also be showcasing various clans.

A clan brochure for PAX attendees

If you stop by our booth, don't forget to pick up some pins and shirts:

Warden and Colonial Pins. Collect them all!

Foxhole Classic T-Shirts


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