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Devblog 38

First off, I want to thank everyone for participating in the World Conquest test events and for continuing to give us your feedback in a productive manner. The changes that you see in our second test were largely based on issues reported from the first. We hope that with a little bit more iteration World Conquest can mature enough to become a main mode of play.

Disclaimer: Any feature or piece of content shown here is a work in progress and subject to change in the future.

Rocket Facility

One of our goals for World Conquest is to provide additional objectives for players so that there are more activities in the game beyond pushing the next town. We talked previously about adding strategic world structures to the world. The Rocket Facility will be the first of these.

An ancient Warden facility from the past wars

The Rocket Facility will be a structure in the world that can be claimed by either side and used to fire a cross region ballistic missile. Players will have to produce rocket parts at the Workshop and Weapons Factory and deliver them to the facility before a rocket can be constructed. There will also be a substantial fuel requirement to launch the Rocket.

A Missile Complex from the old world

The Rocket has the capability to fire into neighbouring regions. To accomplish this, a player carrying a Radio Backpack in one region must "paint" the target coordinates and then specify a related set of launch codes. At the Rocket Facility, three separate players must enter the launch codes into the a control panel to begin the firing sequence.

Concepts for Rocket body variations

Once a Rocket has been primed for launch, the enemy will be notified so they have time to destroy it before liftoff. The payload on the Rocket will be powerful enough to level all defensive structures around a very large radius.

An abandoned concept for the Rocket Facility

Faction Truck Variants

The modelling team has had some extra time lately to work on their backlog of tasks as everyone else has been busy with World Conquest. One of these tasks is to make most if not all vehicles faction specific. Julian had some Warden truck concepts floating around from last year, so the art team went ahead and pulled the trigger on them. The old truck model we currently have in-game now actually uses a base model that was recycled from our last game Fortified. We're relieved to finally replace it.

I present to you, the Colonial and Warden Trucks...

Colonial in-game truck model

Warden in-game truck model

Truck models from the in-game perspective

World Conquest Roadmap

We are working hard to deliver the next version of World Conquest. One big focus is to improve cross region travel. We are figuring out how to do full border travel (allowing players to cross anywhere, not just roads) and we are also looking for ways to make the travel functionality more technically robust. Matt and Anthony are also hard at work on delivering map #9, which will complete our conquest mainland and allow us to run a 3x3 grid war. Besides these features, we are continuing to iterate on game balance based on your feedback and address other issues that you guys have been bringing to our attention.

World Conquest has been one of the hardest transitions for Foxhole, but it's a necessary one. I want to thank you guys again for keeping the conversation productive these past few weeks and for continuing to help us improve the game. See you guys on the Devstream on Tuesday!


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