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Devblog 19

Releasing the 0.0.26 update was a bit of a checkpoint for us. That update included a lot of the big features we've been wanting to add for a long time. Now that it's behind us, we're regrouping and focusing our attention on tackling the next couple of big things. This means we're in sort of a ramp up state right now, so this blog post will be shorter than usual and the next update will also be smaller than the last (though we'll find at least a few interesting things to sneak in:)). Cool things are coming though!

Disclaimer: Any feature or piece of content shown here is a work in progress and subject to change in the future.


It's always been one of our goals to allow players to wear different types of Outfits and to have them impact gameplay. By producing and equipping different Outfits, players will be able to gain an advantage over the enemy in certain combat situations.

Early concepts for Colonial Heavy Outfits

Outfits will provide gameplay tradeoffs in several areas such as:

  • Stamina

  • Movement speed

  • Visibility modifier

  • Chance to bleed

  • Mitigation based on damage type

They will be obtained in the same manner as all other items in the game, meaning they will be produced and stockpiled by logistics players in mass quantities. Outfits will occupy a slot in the player's equipment panel and will be equipped like any other item.

Earyl concepts for Warden Scout Outfits

If you've been following this blog for awhile, you'll know that we've been refactoring our character model system for months now. Once this work is done, it'll lay the groundwork necessary to for us to support Outfits. Though we will likely release individual Outfits one by one, our long term plan is to have a good amount of variation eventually, providing players with a good number of tactical options.

Early concepts for Colonial Scout Outfits


I'm really exited about finally adding another primary slot small arms weapon to Foxhole. Right now, there are two such weapons players go to for most situations, the Rifle and Submachine Gun. In the near future, we will be adding the Carbine, shown below.

Finished in-game 3D model of the Carbine

The Carbine will be a lightweight semi-automatic weapon that will provide greater mobility and a faster rate of fire than the Rifle. It will fire 7.62mm rounds, that will come in special cartridges of 15.

I wanted to note that while many weapons in Foxhole are inspired by real world and history, we consider all of them fictional. We often intentionally change attributes of weapons from the real world counterparts that they are inspired by.

When we release this weapon, we'll also be making balance changes to the Rifle and Submachine Gun. Our goal is to make all three weapons as equally viable as possible. In addition, we'll be making other improvements to small arms, such as improved aim animations and damage calculation tweaks among other things.

We are also working on other primary weapons that you'll be seeing in the not too distant future. Stay tuned!

World Conquest Details

Creating World Conquest has been a long journey for us and admittedly we've changed our design more than once over the last half year. We've made even more changes since the last time we talked about it so please bear with us. World Conquest has been a juggling act between designing something that will meet our vision and finding a solution that will work with the constraints we are faced with like gameplay scaling, player population, and technological limitations. We've finally arrived at something that we think has a good shot at working and we hope to introduce this mode in the coming weeks.

For those of you who are new to the Foxhole community, World Conquest will be another game mode that will exist along side the current game. In World Conquest mode, each war is fought over the entire world (encompassing all regions) as oppose to a single region. The war does not end until a win condition is globally met across the world. This will be a much longer form game that will require players to consistently win battles and hold ground over many days before victor can be achieved.

Target World Map UI

As we've talked about in the past, World Conquest will be built over many updates and the first available version will be very bare bones. Do not expect version 1 to be a complete experience! We see this as a long term project that will go through many iterations before it is working as intended.

What you can expect from the first version of World Conquest:

  • War is won when a Capitol structure is built in every region

  • Building and maintaining a Capitol structure requires other towns to be held and lots of time and effort from many players

  • War is fought over at least 2 regions simultaneously

  • Event based mode (i.e. Scheduled to run at a certain time and will end once the War is won by one side)

Things we will be working on in over time:

  • War is fought over more (possibly all) regions simultaneously

  • Travelling between regions via roads

  • Persistent world location (i.e. you have to walk to neighboring regions to get there)

  • Supporting neighboring regions through supplies, equipment, and other means

  • Improving the win condition

Please keep in mind that for this feature more than any other, things are subject to change in the future!

New Town Hall asset (Left) and Capitol using repurposed asset (Right)


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