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Devblog 1: Prototype Launch

Prototype Launch

This will be our first ever developer update. We're really excited to say that the launch of the Foxhole prototype was a huge success. We were only expecting a handful of people to check it out, but we had over 10,000 downloads in less than 4 days. Big thanks to everyone who played the prototype! The biggest match we've seen so far has been 20 vs 20.

Steam Greenlight

We've been moving up in rank pretty quickly. Thanks for all the votes! You can see our current Greenlight stats here. Not bad for 4 days.

Community Involvement

We've also been really excited about how involved the community has been:

Special mention goes out to nickleeb for helping us moderate our Discord server.

Prototype Updates

We are planning on updating the prototype in the coming weeks. Our goal is to fix critical bugs, tweak gameplay, and add a couple of fun new features each week. Unfortunately, until we get through Greenlight the builds will be delivered the old fashion way (downloading an installer). Bear with us!

After getting on Steam, we will continue to offer the combat prototype for free (for awhile anyways) so that we can further refine the mechanics and optimize our networking technology. The big difference is that our builds and login system will be managed through Steam, which should streamline the process quite a bit.

Day 1 Gameplay Footage

Here is some gameplay footage from the night of the day we went live.


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