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Dev Branch 54 Details

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The Dev Branch for Update 54 will be a bit unconventional. Due to the size and amount of changes in this update, Dev Branch will be split up into different phases similar to the Update 50 Dev Branch. Keep in mind that the exact dates attached to these Phases are subject to change at anytime. We will also not be including Magic Boxes (tools to help players spawn items) until later phases. This is a crucial requirement for ensuring that all the new gameplay flows with Facilities are properly exercised and bugs are found sooner rather than later.

Phase 1

Date: Tuesday, October 10

Available content: east coast maps, Artillery Battle Tanks, Oil Platforms, Rocket Sites, Field Pier.

Magic Boxes: No

Phase 2

Date: Thursday, October 12

Available content: west coast maps, Towing, new Field Weapons, Dry Dock, Gunboats.

Magic Boxes: No

Phase 3

Date: Friday, October 13

Available content: Battleships, Storage Ship.

Magic Boxes: No

Phase 4

Date: Tuesday, October 17

Available content: Base Ship, Landing Ships, Destroyer, Submarine, Heavy-Duty Trucks.

Magic Boxes: Yes

Phase 5

Date: Wednesday, October 18

Available content: All content.

Magic Boxes: Yes

Phase 6 (Added)

Date: Friday, October 20

Available content: All content.

Magic Boxes: Yes

Phase 7 (Added)

Date: Tuesday, October 24

Available content: All content.

Magic Boxes: Yes


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