Community Highlights 58

Hello Soldiers,

Okay so lots of reminds here. Firstly, we need your vote (again) for the indieDB game of the year contest. No signups necessary. We're already in the top 100, so we need you to vote *again* to land us as first-place. So vote!

Second up, HelpingHans is doing a stream at the start of the live conquest beginning on Thursday @11AM ET. Don't miss it. You can join his discord here, and catch his stream here.

Thirdly, if you haven't seen the youtube video of our latest rocket announcement, maybe you should.

That's it. Now on to the highlights!

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: Freerk

When your industry needs every little bit, you put every little bit to work.

By: Cerberus

Dude, we better be seeing you at PAX West next year. This is incredible.

By: Wysel

For you portuguese-speakers out there, this is an incredible Foxhole guide for beginners! Click here for the guide itself

By: CaptainInArms

This is a repost, but for good reason. The infamous PressCorps is starting up again, this time taking a broader approach and including a few others. Join his discord here to see how you can participate.

By: Terrento

Well it is! Kinda... We're getting there.

By: TurtleAndRabbit

This kind of belongs in Propaganda, but given that it's original art as well... Here's some PCL banners!

By: Starwarss

I need to introduce you to our mutual friends, the [WN] Warden Navy. They might have something to say about this.

By: Hardnailz

The Warden army, better than a sack of potatoes... but not by much.

By: Passionate

Some profile pictures for his compatriots

By: TurtleAndRabbit

Requisition forms. Necessary. The next time you need medical attention in the field, you better have the proper paperwork filed or it'll be a cold day on the floor for you.

By: Neptune

The blue hair tells you this is the main character.

By: Malaran

That's a nice lookin' tank you got there. But you should think about drawing a train.

By: Iriduim

It must be nice having a resident artist to make all your profile pictures for you. Join FTL and get your portrait painted today! Compliments of Iriduim. Just message him. Go ahead. Don't wait to find out if everyone in FTL gets one, or just his closest friends. I'm sure he'll do it for you. Just DM him.

By: Belkan Lord

This is cool. Now I want to see a complete equipment loadout for each class, with percentages of encumbrance.

By: Starwarss

I wanna stand in the back of that truck while its driving down a road in a high-speed chase shooting out the back at some coppers all while listening to the theme song to Dukes of Hazard.

By: Whalesworth

"Everything". Lol. As a casual logi driver, I hate you so much.

By: Kacpo

That awkward moment when you realize this might be the first submission of Foxhole stickmen, ever...

By: Chobonatec

This is, I think, the wax sculpt for the mold that will eventually be cast into a tin mini. Really great work. Interested to see how it turns out. I'll be shocked if you manage to get the detailing to come through.

By: Big Mac Gaming

Not sure what that smoke is supposed to be coming out between his legs, but I'll assume its a plume of super-hot Warden tank exhaust.

By: Adam

Yes, that Adam. Not exactly "Community" material, but we'll let it pass because I want this.

Funny Stuff

By: Hardnailz

Thanks Hardnailz for putting together these memes. I'm going to slap one of these up on announcements later in the week.

By: Insanity

Foxball strikes back!

By: Marin

Nice Paintover! I almost put this in the art section but nope. No cigar. You get relegated to the funny section.

By: MrKebabTiltorFlight

This was an excellently timed piece, given the devstream that we just used to reveal the rocket. Now you really can go to space!

By: Padfoot

This was... well... there was a discussion where this came up. I don't remember it... but I'm glad it happened.

By: Insanity

I... cannot, for the life of me, remember what movie this quote is from. Darnit. Someone's going to remind me on discord the moment they read this and im going to feel really stupid.

By: Liberty Prime

Another rocket! It's like he knew!

By: Cogust

Hey. They're useful alright?! You just... gotta know when to use them.

By: Cobble

This is so dumb it just might work.

War Stories

By: Marenova

Marenova made a mockup wiki article of the battle of Saltygrad... It's too small to read here. So click here to go to the actual post.