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Community Planned War


Thank you all for participating in the first ever community planned war on Saturday. The event was a success in many ways, as we had the largest war in terms of simulatenous players in weeks. Furthermore, player activity continues to remain high even after the community war, showing that the event helped stimulate increased activity in Foxhole throughout the weekend.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties the result of the war was inconclusive. A crash occurred on the server which resulted in the war ending before a victor was determined. We also lost a lot of the statistics we had intended to gather (such as a per team breakdown for every statistic). On the plus side, we were still able to salvage a lot of the lost data and have included it in the report below. We working on some features to prevent this from happening in the future, including a backup system that will allow us to restore the state of the world in the event of a crash. Thanks for the patience.

We hope to plan another event in the future (and possibly make the weekly). Stay tuned!

I also wanted to mention that after we patched the server and fixed the crash, a new war has started and has been raging for almost 24 hours now. We will likely post a full report on that war soon.

September 10th, 2016

Began @ 10AM CET/5:00 AM EST

The first ever community planned war is over. All Foxhole players were called upon to join in and lead their faction to victory. The names of all soldiers who fought are now immortalized in the war archive below. A big thanks goes out to DrunkRussianBear for planning the event!


(Due to technical difficulties)

A full log of every kill in the game can be found here. We do not intend to publish this information in the future, but we wanted to provide some extra fun information this time around.


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