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Community Highlights 9

Hey there soldiers. I'm back again with more goodies from the community! We got war stories, battle tactics, and even a castle in the sky.

If for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!

Comics & Illustrations

One of my ongoing favorite things from the community are the short gag comics and illustrations you guys create. We've got more this week!

PUG supplies by [82DK] lercas

WARSOC Agents by [WARSOC-82DK] J.Penguintce

Although it's not directly related to Foxhole, our fantastic Discord admin Nickleeb flexed his pixel art muscles and showed us a very impressive illustration of an inn that I could not ignore.

by Nickleeb

Propaganda Posters

WARSOC new logo by Commissar Jimbo

Colonial remover by Ztarfox

People for the War poster by Commissar Jimbo

PUG poster by an unknown artist

War Footage

Assault on Brine Glen from War #11 by KrazyFlyinChicken

Defensive tactics by Dondergod

Full Weekly War #12 report by KrazyFlyinChicken

Propaganda Video

The anthem of the WARSOC party is here! Oceania, Tis for Thee!

by Commissar Jimbo

Update Video

Once again, if you don't like reading patch notes, I Saw a Bear has got you covered with this brand new update video. Nice!

graciously put together by I Saw A Bear

War Stories

Here are some war stories to warm you up during cold nights, including The Quirky Company that is back for chapter 3!

The Quirky Company

Chapter 3: A taste of quirkiness

by [82DK]MOM.Janus

After a rather long while spent walking back and forth around the fort Rice finally reached his destination. He straightened himself up, corrected his collar, checked if his shoes were tied and finally grabbed the doorknob. It wouldn’t budge.

“What the fuck?” Rice asked the air. “Shouldn’t that be open?”

He tried twisting the doorknob again, and again, and again. He twisted to the right, he twisted to the left, hell he even twisted upwards somehow but the lock wouldn’t open. When he was about to kick the door in, a strong arm grabbed him by the shoulder effectively stopping him from causing property damage.

“It seems you’re stuck mate.” A familiar voice calmly said.

“Carmain?” Rice asked with a hint of annoyance and shock both. “What are you doing here?”

Carmain flashed a small smile. “I do believe I spend most of my free time in the fine establishment you were about to vandalize.” He stopped to bring up the small flask with liquor. “The same establishment you were assigned to I might add.” He finished, nearing the container to his lips.

A small flush of red came over Rice’s cheeks. “I.. umm. I can explain…”

“You don’t have the key?”

Rice groaned “Yes. I don’t have the key.”

Carmain reached into his pocket and pulled out 2 iron keys with an α on them. He inserted one into the lock and given the other to Rice.

“Right then.” He said, unlocking the door in the process. His free arm motioned at the now wide open door. “After you.”

Rice did as he was told and went inside the building, only to once again find himself in a state of confusion.

“This is your barracks?” he asked, baffled by the interior. The place didn’t resemble the housing quarters he was used to back in the boot camp.

“Pretty cozy, ain’t it?”

“Yeah... Cozy"

Carmain closed the door behind them. His face was relaxed for he knew he was home, or at the very least the closest you can get to home on the frontline.

"I'm not sure about you, but I'm hungry!" he exclaimed happily. "Care to see what Janus is cooking?"

"Who?" Rice asked.

"Januszym. The guy in a bloodied appron?"

"Oooh the interrogation guy." Rice exclaimed. "Wasn't he torturing a prisoner before meeting us at the gates?"

Upon hearing those words Carmain's expression changed to one of puzzlement. "What in the Emperor's balls are you talking about?"

"Wasn't he torturing a prisoner to extract information?" Rice asked, clearly confused. " I mean. He had all that blood on him and stuff." He shuddered. "Freaky."

Carmain inhaled deeply,took a big swig from his flask and looked at Recruit.



The secrets of WARSOC: Part 1

by [82DK] Patrick



The following interview was conducted on a alleged member of WARSOC.

*A camera is flickered on. We see a shadowy man and cannot discern his face. He begins to spill the secrets of WARSOC*

During the month of October, a mysterious reporter only known as “The War Correspondent” arrived near the battlefield to document Warden and Colonial casualties and when Warden/Colonial outposts were created/destroyed. Several officers acted cautiously around the Correspondent, fearing he may be a spy for the other side. But I can assure you, this is not the case. The correspondent is actually a member of an organization named WARSOC, a name that nobody, not even its current leader, has any idea what it stands for. Some speculate it stands for World Artistic Revolution Stand Once (as a) Collective, although this is only speculated.

When WARSOC was first publicly announced, the only thing everyone knew about it was that it had massive amounts of funding and it was a media organization. Both the Wardens and Colonials used WARSOC to create propaganda and whatnot since they were using all of their money on the war and didn’t have much to spare to create their own. But there’s a terrible truth to what WARSOC actually is. What I am about to tell you now is the secret behind WARSOC, and what its true intentions are.

First off, let’s start with their leader. Everyone knows that their leader is Commissar Jimbo, right? Well, the truth is that the commissar is only a facade. He’s a puppet and is more of an exterior and doesn’t have much say in the true leadership of WARSOC. WARSOC is ruled by three people at a time, an odd number, so that they can make decisions without having to worry about ties. So who are the real leaders of WARSOC then? Well, not even I can truly tell you that. Their identities are so secret that their subordinates only know them by code names. But after a while, I finally managed to obtain their code names. I have not even been able to discover their code names.

Now we shall start with their history before their public announcement. I have attempted to gather all the scraps and pieces of their history, and I have managed to build this picture of them. The three original founders of WARSOC were, in fact, siblings. Their genders are unknown. They led wealthy, luxurious lives as their parents were very wealthy. They were also very charismatic and convincing to other people. I don’t know why they founded WARSOC, but they did so when they were around the age of 30-40. They used their wealth to hire mercenaries and equipment, as well as creating their central HQ. Their members proceeded to rise amongst the political and social ranks so they could influence the people more. Since then, WARSOC has become a very powerful organization.

Along the way, WARSOC decided to hire the War Correspondent to secretly gather more intel about the Wardens and Colonials. In other words, the correspondent was a spy, just as the officers I mentioned previously feared. The correspondent gathered much information for WARSOC, but I don’t know what they plan to do with this information.

*the door is suddenly struck by an unknown force*

Alas, I would like to tell you more, but it seems I am out of time. Farewell.

*the door is broken through. Two WARSOC soldiers fire at the man, but the man hides behind a chair and fires back. The camera is knocked over and breaks.*



The Battle of Brine Glen

by [75_RR] Tassen

Many hours of the war had already passed and there was a temporary calm in the conflict. This peace lasted for roughly an hour before the first signs of an enemy attack were detected once again. With the sighting of warden troops across the Brine Glen bridge and truck movement heard in Callahan’s Boot, the colonial forces were anticipating an attack. This anticipation was further fueled when the PUG soldiers Ballistic Dummy and Urgh of Tar were identified. The 75th stood at the ready to move to Brine’s defense at any moment and scouts were sent out to identify the level of equipment and preparation for the offensive.

When reports came in that warden soldiers had moved out of Callahan’s boot and that heavy munitions were not present, the colonial forces disarmed. It seemed that there wasn’t any attack coming after all. Only a few short minutes later the sounds of mortars rang out. Within what felt seconds warden forces poured forth to be met by minimal defenses; however, the extensive watchtower network showed heavy troop movements and attracted more soldiers to the area. By the time the 75th moved to Hope’s Causeway with the objective of retaking Brine Glen, the outpost was already destroyed. We moved in force and were met with heavy resistance. Early on it seemed possible to hold off the offensive, especially once Dondergod set up another outpost. Unfortunately, we would not be that lucky. Warden artillery ranged in on the outpost in minutes and destroyed it.

Faced with overwhelming odds the colonial forces were being pushed further and further out of Brine Glen. Our defensive advantage was mitigated by a warden outpost on their side of the bridge, allowing them to get back into the fight faster then we could. We continued to lose group until we lost the factory. For a while it seemed like the battle was lost and with it the game; however, it was identified that we had 195 tech pieces in out vehicle factory. A small detachment of the 75th including Oly, Arthur and I were sent to create out own heavy artillery. We succeeded and tested it on the Carpal Trail outpost destroying it. We moved with haste towards Hope’s Causeway to join back into the battle. Along the way, we heard reports that the battle was over and we had lost.

We had arrived at Hope’s Causeway to find our defense force in tatters. The 75th was desperately trying to launch counter-attacks, but without enough support, they were not getting far. Quickly a plan was devised to use the artillery to knock out the bridge cutting off warden forces from resupplying. It worked, soon the 75th along with many random players were fighting to retake Brine Glen once again. In the midst of this fight was the artillery piece that was so important to our victory. Many times it came under fire and many times we had to defend it. Eventually, though we managed to range in on the Warden outpost that had recently been set up at Brine and destroy it.

With the outpost destroyed and the bridge broken, the warden forces had no way across and began to dwindle in numbers. Soon there was no resistance and with mortars and grenades the shoddy defenses that were set up fell. As a final precaution, the field artillery war brought to the mouth of the bridge and began shelling the forward outpost set up by the enemy. With it, gone Brine was safely back in our hands and it was time to take the fight to the wardens.


Story time!

by Dondergod

I looked around my group, just a few dozen of us left. Only two weeks ago there were hundreds of us, mostly farmers, recruited by the Colonial army. There was no time for training, they just pushed a gun into our hands and told us where to go. Lead by an inexperienced commander, a lucky survivor of a previous engagement. Our village had been raided too many times by the Warden forces, many fled but those who stayed had no other choice but to ask protection of the Colonials. They’re all the same really, both factions fighting the other faction for ground and resources. I wonder if anyone really knows why we are even fighting. Our commander was recruited in a similar situation as us, and so was his commander and so on. Colonials or Wardens… it makes no difference. But here we are, wearing Colonial uniforms fighting with Colonial guns. The last two weeks were hell, casualties all around us, losing friends and family members left and right. Both the Wardens and Colonials had lost so many men and without any reinforcements incoming, both forces have become smaller and smaller, until soon there will be no one left. Our commander just visited us, we are moving up once more, there is an armoury nearby which should have some much needed ammo. As we marched through the city, we looked around and saw all the destruction we had caused. Some citizens looked at us from their destroyed homes. Were we the good guys, or the bad guys for them? Maybe there is no good side here. Maybe both the Wardens and Colonials are just as bad and our only contribution is to keep the war going. We heard a mortar and ran for cover. It impacted right into a building and it collapsed, a man and woman were just in time to escape getting trapped under the rubble. Guns opened fire from a small distance, the man standing next to me got shot and fell to the ground, as so many had in the previous days. We returned fire and a long firefight ensued. The amount of guns firing was low, only a handful of soldiers on both sides. Suddenly I saw bullets of an MG fly towards me, I ran into a house and as I heard the foundation of the building crack I ran out the other door. The building partially collapsed and the route to my unit was blocked. I decided to try and flank the enemy forces, I moved forward towards the enemy position and waited till I could hear the gunfire on the other side of the buildings. I saw an open door that lead back to the main street and ran in. Suddenly, before I realised it, I ran into two enemy soldiers. Both of them armed with a rifle. I saw them and they saw me as we all raised our guns. ‘Fred?’ I asked, looking at the man in front of me, ‘is that you?’ How could he be here? Wearing a Warden uniform, he was my friend back in school. He had fled our village before we joined the Colonial forces, had he really joined the Wardens? And yet it made sense, after all: Colonials and Wardens… it makes no difference. I felt a heavy pain in my chest and fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was the shocked face of my old friend. I forgave him. He was not my enemy, the Wardens were no my enemy, the war itself was.

Defensive tactics

KrazyFlyinChicken declassified several of PUG's opening war tactics and posted them up for all of us to take a look at. These documents are the real deal and they detail strategies used during the past few wars. They say these worked as planned (but the PUGs might be a bit biased, on this one)


war #10

war #11

war #12

The whole post, that also includes war #8 and #9 (plus links to reports and videos), can be found in the original imgur posting here by KrazyFlyinChicken.

Feedback / Game Design

When reading the suggestions you guys post, I admit that I always appreciate when they're properly written and formatted. These past few weeks, we've seen some of the best examples of this! These documents are both useful and enjoyable to read. War map suggestions by Dondergod

Nedsvart's Exploitations

Most of the time, bugs are the source of a lot of headaches for any game dev. We have to find the causes, figure out how to reproduce and fix it, worry if players are exploiting the bug somehow.... All of these concerns will never go away. Sometimes, a player can turn a bug into something fun! This week, Nedsvart was on a roll.

First he found a way to turn a Radio tower into a Sniper's nest...

and then, what I like to think as a tribute to a great Ghibli film, he built a castle in the sky. This is just priceless!

feats by Nedsvart


HB signing out again!

Cheers from the Heretic Jedi!


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